Naive about Ed. Leadership

RetiredCoachinGANovember 27, 2012

I believe communities trust that the best interests of our children's education and issues for improvement, are being adequately attended to by politicians, board members and day to day school leadership. These people or bodies make money and have their names attached to buildings and ideas (Bush, NCLB and Obama, RTTT) but are leading you into a false sense of security - most, nearly all - are way off the mark. Education will not deeply improve (apposed to temporary and superficial) until the real issues that cripple it are put into play by real educators.

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Why would you think parents are trusting the politicians and schools? My dd is in her 30's. As far back as then, I and most of the other parents I knew supervised our children's education and, ourselves, provided auxilliary experiences and classes to supplement what the school was providing. No good parent simply sends their child to school and assumes they will be properly educated in EVERY field (especially things like ethics, social niceties, the arts, geography, life skills, etc). Schools don't have the time to completely educate our children. No one teacher has the expertise needed to teach EVERY subject a child needs to learn.

IMO--education will not improve until all parents accept the responsibility for their own children's complete and adequate education.

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