I love a Bargain !!

toomuchglassSeptember 21, 2007

I'm a Goodwill/rummage sale Junkie. Hi Everyone ! I'm new here !! I should have introduced myself .. I'm Kathy ....(you can read about me in my page.) I'm in good company here . My mission in life is to find a bargain. Finding a bargain is fun - but to me --it's the "hunt" for it is a rush ! This has been a good year for me ...

I found a washer & dryer like new on Craig's list = $45

I found a new toilet at a rummage sale for $20

( We needed one bad )

AND so many other little things that we actually needed.

MY whole wardrobe is from the goodwill - probably $75 worth of clothes and that's more than enough !

I'm new so I'd love to hear about your adventures scoring a bargain !

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I thought we got a great bargin when we got a very nice washer & dryer (not dated either) on craigslist for $100! Guess you did much better at $45--wow! :):)

We bought a like-new lawn mower for $50...hubby says it's over $500---just needed a small $10 part.

Now I'm on the hunt for a stainless steel dishwasher...gotta love craigslist.

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I bought a $300 hepa air cleaner, kenmore, from ebay - Brand New - Doesnt power up. For the 99¢ starting bid.+ I think $30 shipping. Filter in it was worth $100.

Plugged in one quick connect wire.

I buy things like that often, sometimes mispelled items go for starting bid. I cant spell.

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I got all of you beat! I traded a worn out old tiller that needed work (I paid $30 for it) for a set of Revereware copper clad cookware AND a set of T-fal cookware! That was 5 years ago. Burnt up one of the t-fal pots, but got a duplicate at a yard sale for $1, so all in all, the best deal of my life!

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My favorite g-sale bargains of late are: 44 pieces of Haviland Limoges china for $3.00, 11 Waterford Lismore double old-fashioneds for $200.00 (much more than I usually pay, but I had toyed with the idea of paying retail, so these were a bargain.), a baby stroller for $5, a yearbook for $2 that I re-sold on eBay for $36. I keep a "g-sale diary" and half the fun is looking over my finds. Christmas is always fun, as I buy stuff all spring and summer long and then when I get it out, it's like getting new stuff for nothing; actually, I pay close to nothing for this stuff.

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Great hunting! I too love a bargain and love the thrill for hunting for that baargain! I work in wholesale so I can not see paying full retail for anything!

What I have found is that eBay/craigslist is a wonderful to unload some of those bargains you no longer need! It is amazing what people will pay for used things!

Right before christmas last year I had the kids pull out all of their stuff they no longer needed, out grew ect and they made over $200 each! For example we sold a USED hit clip with some songs and got almost full retail for it???!!!

Now is a great time to pull your stuff together and start to do that. They say every house has about $1000 min of stuff they no longer use and can sell! then you can buy more stuff @ a bargain of course:) Gitasan is my user name.

Happy Hunting!!! Gitasan

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There was a show on TV called "Cash in the attic" ... People cleaned out all the stuff they didn't use and had a rummage sale and made big bucks out of stuff they never used or don't even remember having ! I got inspired to do that . It feels so good to "purge" - especially if it means "found money" !

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I just bought $5 worth of medium grade gas and got 1.7 gallons! I figure it will make me mow the lawn faster and save me lots of time.

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I buy most of my clothes at thrift shops. You can find beautiful new stuff there every visit. I started going to thrift shops when my kids were little. They also have dishes, glasses,books and jewelry cheap. That's the extent of my bargain hunting.

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Hey, "bargain"is my middle name! I'm "cheap" whenever it suits me.I love to go to Goodwill & Savers stores. I go on Senior day when everything is cheaper for me.I seldom find shoes, but they're better bought new, as used are already formed to someone else's feet.Also, underwear is better bought new. These items, tho, are likely bought when the store offers 10-20% off or bogo sales.I love that I can buy jeans, tops, sweaters,toys for grandkids (mindful of recalls)most anything you can find secondhand, & many like new. Yeah, I love those bargains! : )

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I love it when thrift shops have "bag sales". All you can fit it in a bag for $10. I really get good stuff. And I do mean stuff!

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My very best bargains come from Bed Bath & Beyond store. In their clearance sections they almost always have linens for 75% off the already reduced prices. I have gotten some really great deals on sheets..shams...towels...etc. If sheets are marked down from $125.00 to $75.00 and I get 75% off that they are around $20.00 Then they are always sending me 20% off coupons so I get another 20% off that. Such a deal! Good quality stuff too! I peruse the BB&B clearance aisles frequently.

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I do a surprising amount of shopping at thrift stores. Most of my wardrobe is from thrift stores -- it amazes me at how many people will donate clothing that still has tags on it (!) or obviously never has been worn.

I've also made some major scores: a Sony home-theater receiver (second from their top-of-the-line) for $50; some good vintage all-wood Mid-Century Modern furniture for cheap; Le Creuset for a couple of bucks;.... I don't buy anything I don't need or really want, but I can save a bundle off other peoples' consumerist desires. :-)

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While coming down the street from son's place a few months ago, I saw a small white cupboard on casters, with a space where a drawer had been, and doors at the lower end, with a smaller top and a roll-out tray just below that, sitting out on the curb with the garbage - it had been chair-side server for a dentist.

I circled back a couple of blocks, loaded it up, and took it home.

When his son helped me carry it from car to shop, I told him to tell his Dad that if he didn't want it, not to throw it away, that I'd use it.

My landlord just built a beautiful new shop, with smooth concrete floor, and he loves it - wrenches near to hand instead of lying on the floor and he can move it around to other locations easily.

He asked me how much, and I said I'd charge him what I paid.

So he's an ongoing happy camper.

ole joyful

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Christie, I enjoyed looking at your site. Have bookmarked it. Excellent!!!

I don't buy anything unless it is a bargain. I shop thrift shops, yard sales, ebay, etc. I am not shy about checking out a dumpster or bringing home something from the curb.

Right now I am mostly interested in things for the garden. I have found several nice iron tables and chairs for cheap because they had glass tops, which have been broken. I just bought one last week for $20. It was "make an offer". I said, "The glass is missing and they can be expensive to replace." So she took my offer. I had a glass top at home to fit it. I find them very cheaply at yard sales. Usually less than $5 for a big one, and often only a dollar or two.
I have about a dozen and my friend has at least that many.

I bought an iron table and chairs for $10...missing the top, but had a top for it, and sold it in my friend's shop for $140.

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Had to resurrect this thread. Today I picked up a bargain. A rep gave me some coupons for Tide Laundry Detergent about a month ago. Only good at a certain chain and would expire soon. I didn't really need detergent and so I debated whether it would be worth it or not. Well, they put it on sale this week, and the coupons were good for a "free" one, up to $5.49, but had to be the larger size. Well they put them on sale for $5.49. I wound up paying the tax and got it for 36¢ for a 32 load bottle. And was able to get the dye/perfume free version too!

I always look for detergent under 10¢/load. For that it's not worth even trying to make my own! I aim for about 5¢/load. But for a whisker over a penny per load and getting the stench-free, I'm doing well IMO.

I had gottem some samples before but I'm giving them away. I don't like the smell of detergents. I want the stench-free.

Occasionally coupons are worthwhile! :) I'm quite pleased. And it goes to show, it can pay to treat the reps nice!

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I bought a set of Pfaltzgraff Village dishware at a thrift store for $1 while I was on a lunch break from jury duty! And I didn't get on a case, so I was excused!

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If you follow around a beer or cigarette stocking salesman. He throws away old beer and cartons of cigaretts.

Hey want me to throw out some of that dated stuff for you... just put it in my trunk. Budwiser and Winston are my favorites. But I'm not picky.

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Cigarettes don't light up my life much. Coming from a family with weak lungs, I smoked for about 6 mos. at about age 16, didn't like taste or cost ... so quit.

Now, at almost 5 times that age, and enjoying good health, I'm thankful that I had such good cents ... but they cost dollars, now.

Beer has never given me much head ... I think that they should pay me to drink it.

Best bargain ... don't buy either.

I hope that you're having a lovely spring week.

ole joyful

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I used to work for one of the big tobacco companies and later managed convenience stores. Boy there was never a cigarette thrown out in either place! When I did work at a distributor, handling the returns, we were on camera, being recorded, with a guard watching. We'd count them and literally crumble them up into the barrels. And at the c-store, we'd always get credit on outdated cigs and they had to go back to the warehouse to be handled as I said before. Course things could easily have changed since it's been a long time.

Drink beer, get back to nature and water a tree. It's simply some grain and barley, sort of like corn flakes in a can! Gives you a whole new outlook on life. Helping ugly people have sex since 1862!

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Came across a couple more bargains...

- Target had Old Spice deodorant on clearance. Picked some up before but found a better deal. The clearance price had dropped more (at least 70%) and it was a buy-1-get-1 free. And I had a coupon that I used with it. Also they had Old Spice Body & Hair Wash on clearance for $1.04, and it was BOGOF, plus a free travel size, all three for $1.04. Can I top that? Sure. I bought 3 sets of the body wash and used a $2 off two, and a 75¢ off one coupon. So, I got 6 full sized bottles of body & hair wash, 3 travel sized, plus 4 deodorant sticks for $5 and a few coins. Didn't need it right now, but for that price it can sit on the shelf a while. Plus the travel size will save me some room in my travel grooming kit.

- Walgreens had Colgate Total toothpaste for $1.99 with a store coupon. I had a $1.50 off coupon so the tube cost me 49¢. Can't buy Pepsodent for that! Plus when I checked out, the cashier scanned the coupons and handed me back the mfgr coupon (the $1.50 one)! Well I decided to make another stop there the next day because the others didn't have the $5/doz microfibre cloths, so I picked up another tube of toothpaste for 49¢. This time they kept the coupon, but that's fine.

-Target also had All Small & Mighty on clearance for $3/btl for the one scent. I knew I had a $1.50 coupon but didn't have it on me at the time and I wanted to try out the All since it has received some good reviews even though it doesn't have enzymes. Long story short, I'm glad I didn't get it in the end. My 36¢/btl Tide deal beat that deal!

As a side note, I decided to try a couple of the reuseable store bags. 99¢ each and I figured they'd work for carrying the jumper cables cheap enough and carry other stuff if I didn't use them as intended. They have the store name on them, but it's small and not objectionable to me.

There were a couple other bargains had lately, but don't remember them offhand. I enjoy the clearance aisles! Oh yeah, got Motrin, Tylenol, vitamins and glucosamine on clearance at Walgreens so I stocked up. And these were truly clearance prices.

Happy saving folks!

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slickdeals.net : )

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My weakness is clothes. I love to find great named clothes for a bargain price. I must say, I don't like Good Will or other consignment stores. For me it just doesn't seem right (kinda dirty). I always buy off season. I find sweaters that are $50+ for $8-$10. I never spend more than $10 for anything unless I really need it (right now I need a belt and will spend about $15). Shoes are another thing I usually have to pay a lot for. As a man with a size 7 foot, it is very difficult to find shoes, let alone on sale.

We have a Gap Outlet store near us. I go there a lot and get wonderful items dirt cheap - not a stitch out of place. I also do e-Bay (I sell on craigslist.com, but usually don't buy because it takes too much time for me to search what I want).

My best bargains, though are coats. Over the last two years I have bought 5 coats that are probably $600-$700 retail. I spend a total of $28 for them (this is one advantage of being small). :-)


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