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den_sterNovember 15, 2002

I want to make a gift for my sons teacher .I was wanting to put a picture on a mug and then fill it with hot chocalate mix.Although i can not seem to find out how to do this .Does anyone know how to make these mugs?

Thank you Den

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Most photo shops will do it for you. Like Cord Camera or Wolf Photo, 60 Minute Photo, whatever chain is in your area - but they don't do it in one hour. Your order it. Even Kinkos might be able to do that.

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I would think twice about spending that kind of money on a mug for a teacher. I know many teachers, both elementary and secondary, and all of them say that they receive too many mugs at Christmas. One teacher I know received 5 from her students one year. A much more appreciated gift would be a gift certificate to Office Depot or a teacher store or a book store.

A Catholic High School where one of my children went had a school wide collection for the teacher's Christmas gift. The money was totaled up and every employee from the principal to the part time janitor received some money -- all an equal amount. It was done by the PTA. The teacher's loved it. Another school had the room mom take up a collection, and the teacher received a very nice gift certificate to the mall. She was thrilled!

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I'll second what LondonDi said- When I taught at the secondary level and had 120 students, I used to get at least five or ten mugs each Christmas. I was always appreciative that the student thought enough of me to buy a gift, but since I don't drink coffee, the mugs were really wasted on me.

HOWEVER, if it were a personalized mug, with the class' picture on it, I probably would have used it as a pencil holder on my desk, although, you can only use a few pencil holders! :)

I always said that I would prefer that each student contribute $1 or $2 to a gift certificate for a nice store so I could buy a sweater that would always remind me of that class, or a gift certificate to a nice restaraunt or something. (Too bad when I was at the elementary level I never had an active room mother!)

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What did you want the picture to be of? Because if you have a creative side, you could decopage something like a flower pot or vase. Is it a photo, or just a picture?

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thanks flowergirl,Thats a better idea.I think i will do a vase..after you decoupage can this be washed like other dishes or not? Den

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You can get plastic, snap together mugs, glasses, and flower pots. You create your own insert, put it inside, and snap it together. You have to remove the insert before washing. I have gotten the mugs at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Oriental Trading. I've seen the glasses at Hobby Lobby and the flower pots I used came from Oriental Trading. You could use a class picture or cut the insert out and have all of the kids write a message or sign their names on it.

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one of the most fabulous gifts i have ever seen for a teacher was a memory book. the room mother was really into scrapbooking. she had taken pictures throughout the year at each party or event , she even had the yearbook company print up an extra set of class pictures. as a year end gift she had each child write up a paragraph about how this teacher was special and she put their class picture on it. she placed the kid's sheet inbetween sheets focus on the parties and events.

to this day i have never seen a teacher cry when she got a gift like this one did. the room mom did a beautiful job and the teacher has a wonderful scrapbook with the kids' thoughts reminding her why she is a teacher.


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One year the room mother had us all send in a dollar or two and bought an electric pencil sharpener for the teacher to use in her room.

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