Teacher's strange obsession

SAG1November 22, 2002

My nephew's sixth grade teacher teaches science, but she has been on the human body for most of the year. She keeps teaching them every day about the liver and the gall bladder, and every day on the board she draws a picture of these two organs. They are learning fine in the other classes, but the science one is really strange. Any thoughts?

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Most teachers are quite tied to the curriculum the school district puts out. My guess is that it is part of a district wide course of study.

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At the next parent teacher conference, let the teacher know that you are really excited about seeing what your son is learning. Ask for a copy of the science curriculum. It should tell what topics are to be covered in each unit.

Most states have mandated tests that are given each year, and the teachers are required to teach the material that is covered on those tests. Asking for an outline of the curriculum should allow you to see the path that teachers are expected to follow.

Is your son bringing home classwork and homework that is about the liver and gall bladder, every day? Or is it just his perception that all they learn about is the human body?

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Does your school district have a website? Ours posts the standard curriculum on their website.

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