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roselin32November 26, 2002

Is there an English teacher out there that will tell me if the phrase "so fun" is correct or not? I keep hearing people saying, "Such and such is so fun." and I am sure this is not correct?? Perhaps I am just dating myself??


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My copy of Strunk and White (copyright 1979) says this for the use of the word so:

So. Avoid, in writing, the use of so as an intensifier: "so good"; "so warm"; "so delightful."

Rarely does this edition mention "in writing" explicitly. I'm not sure why this particular word included the "in writing" part. I suspect it might be considered acceptable in a casual spoken use, but not in a more formal written use.

There is debate as to whether books such as Elements of Style proscribe or describe proper usage.

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Oh, an opportunity to post one of my favorite websites!

Here is a link that might be useful: Common Errors In English

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It seems both of these resources indicate that "so fun" would certainly be frowned upon, but don't quite go so far as to say it is completely incorrect.

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You are correct but at my age, I don't want to be perceived as a "gum chewing airhead"!!

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The phrase "so fun" is not acceptable in writing. Colloquial language such as that should only be used when in conversation.

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