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jackofrosesNovember 25, 2002

I am an adult , and am continuing my education , at home...I would like to share a wonderful resource that I have found.the resource is DiSH network..Even dish's most basic package (22.50 per month)offers several educational channels which offer college credits for thier programming..

most notable..(to me)

ccn = california community college network...all of thier programming is college courses (ch 9405)..you can sign up for courses through a local college

pbsu = pbs university = all sorts of educational programming

including the standard deviants school , which seems to me to be much more engaging to a younger mind than most...

paec = parent and educators channel.... basically , this is all about home schooling and resourses...

starnet = this one is cool ....its school...mostly high school...latin german,spanish,french.. other 'specific' courses....not any 'production' its just school with a teacher at a desk , and kids on the phones

... you can sign up as an individual, but i never looked into how...

there are at least 6 others there , too

im not really after a degree at this point , but im soaking it all in...

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I dont get it.... i'm disapointed , i must say .... i post , a thread that i feel is relevant , about something that i am doing , that pertains to the topic of the forum .
something , i thought , perhaps , others may be doing , or may be interested in, or at least wanted to discuss, everywhere i mention (online or in realtime) that i use a television for educational purposes , i get no response, slack jaws or blank stares...
everyday , i check back for responses , and , seeing none , i give up ....after two weeks i get one response, the word SPAM , like i invaded someones privacy and tried to pedal something... the only reason i even mention where i got the service was to state my source ....i believe that is a requirement in any research of anything..... i could care less if you change your tv service , or tell me tv is bad...
i honestly thought someone here may already be using the resource , or was interested in access to something they may or may not have already have ... the local community college thinks the courses are valid....
its seems i couldnt have been more wrong .. in what i thought this place was about , silly me , i thought it was about education....

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jackofroses, don't feel bad. I thought the info was useful, although I don't get Dish, so I can't use it and didn't post. But you sound bummed. I'm a returning student as well, but only 1 class I needed was offered distance education. I wish I could have taken more courses this way, but not many that I need are offered. One problem is that many of my classes involve lab work, which is obviously difficult over the internet or on TV. But why can't the stupid courses like history be distance ed? (I say stupid because I'm a biological sciences major and I really hate our higher education system of requiring courses you have absolutely no interest in, all for the sake of squeezing more money from the student- but that's another story). Anyway, just thought you'd like to know the post wasn't a waste of your time and that other people would love it if more distance ed options were available. Good luck in your schooling and learning.

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Thank you for posting your message. I've been interested
in learning more about distance learning. Anytime I've looked into it, I've been disappointed. You've pointed out a real solution. I know someone who's getting a dish, so I'll check out the channels you've suggested.
Don't let some misguided soul keep you from posting!

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I work part time online at a for profit university that teaches online and on campus. It is expensive, but you can get an accredited degree from home. Some programs combineon site courses and online too.

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