Boarding schools for troubled teens

giantscale13November 26, 2006

We are looking for a boarding school in the Iowa area. Our 14 year old son has failed 8th grade twice. Hes proven to be very intelligent but defies anyone who tries to guide him.

Its not easy researching boarding schools but Iv yet to hear a horror story. Most school web sites look good. And claim great success rates. We are looking at Midwest Academy but the tuition is around $45000 a year. Twice as much as college tuition and about as much as I make in one year.

Can anyone direct me to a forum or agency who reviews, rates or has true unbiased testimonials about boarding schools?

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Just a update.

After some research I found this site.
These are the horror stories of the schools I was recommended and actually considered. It shows the Law suit against Robert Lichfield who nets over 90 million a year owning and operating these schools.

This is scary stuff..

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It's certainly NOT near Iowa... but the Hyde School in Maine is suppose to be wonderful... this from a psychologist friend who has taken their courses for parents and read their book on how they work... don't have a clue to cost, but maybe getting the book would be a beneficial starting point for help for you at home???The Biggest Job We'll Ever Have: The Hyde School Program for Character-Based Education and Parenting ... you can get it used off amazon for under $10 I believe....

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Eons ago, my cousin had trouble succeeding in his Chicago area school. He was sent to a military school and bloomed there. We always assumed he responded well to immediate consequences and the orderliness of life. Bishops Quarters may have been the name of the school; not sure if that was the military school or another school he attended.

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We are enrolling our 13 yo son at OBI in KY. I have a brother who graduated from there years ago and loved it. My son is really strugging in school and we think that the 11/1 student/teacher ratio will be a big improvement for him. He has an average of 35 students in his public school now. Is there anyone out there that can reassure me?

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I have friends who were sent to boarding schools for alcohol and failing reasons. So far they have improved and have actually made honor roll. There they have learnt so far to be responsilbe as they are given chores every week.

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Have you taken a parenting class? Tested your son for learning diabilities?

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This will help, It's a teen boarding school for boy and girls. I search it and this will provide you some useful information about programs of boarding schools for trouble teens.

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If you want your teen to be a strong and self sufficient individual, the military boarding school is the answer to your problems. They are great for teens who do not have any major behavioral issues, but just require more structure in their lives. See the link for online resource for anything you need to know about military boarding schools.

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