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big_mommaNovember 2, 2007

My son recently started kindergarten and he loved it when he first started. He had two great teachers in his class. One of the teachers (his favorite) took a new position in a different class and was replaced by a new teacher. Now he doesn't like the new teacher and he doesn't like going to school. What should I do?

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Change is difficult for the little ones. Give him time. He'll adjust to the new teacher and maybe even love that one all the more. You might try reminding him about his friends, the other teacher that he likes, and that he didn't know that teacher before and now he does.


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I taught kindergarten for 22 years. Several times we had overcrowded classes and some children had to be moved to an added on class, sometimes we lost a teacher and the children had to be split and sent to those remaining. Twice I was the "added on" new unit and believe me, it was hard for everyone especially when the parents didn't want their kids moved. I had to work especially hard to "make them mine" and have them bond with me. Make sure you aren't sending anxious feelings about the new teacher to him.

I would suggest you might go talk to the new teacher. The important thing to say to her is that your son is having a difficult time since he bonded with the teacher that left but that it is no reflection on her personally or her teaching (assume this unless your child can give you some specific things that the new teacher might have done).
All it might take is for the new teacher to make your son feel more secure, give him an extra smile or hug, something that will let him know that she notices him. It would probably be better for her not to approach him and ask why he isn't happy with her or wanting to go to school. If she is a new teacher, she also might just be overwhelmed with starting to teach and may not realize that some littles ones need that extra security.

I would also talk to your son, let him know that every teacher is different but that each has her own way of doing things and just because it may be different than the other teacher, doesn't mean it wrong. Maybe he can take her some flowers (both teachers in the class) or maybe
help him find something a little special for her that he thinks she would like. (I collected butterfly stuff and I was always gettings knick knacks from the kids.)

Hope this helps. Let me know.

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