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karenmamoSeptember 3, 2007


I love to read your money saving tips and ideas.

More than three years ago I found Sam's auctions online.

If you have a membership card, you can bid on items. You will need some sort of credit/debit card to bid.

The values are great.

Sams clubs do not have sales. All extra merchandise goes into their online auctions.

Things I have purchased: Shoes,rugs, pet treats, lightbulbs, painter tape, electrical cords, bungees, kitchen goods--pans, dishes, cutlery,etc. clothes, sheets, pillows,

.....this list is too long to continue.

You will pay about a third of the asking price.

Items are delivered to you.

If anything is broken it is free to ship back and they reimburse you.

Just wanted to pass this on to the rest of you.


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Thanks for the tip. I checked out the auctions site and I find it a bit intimidating but that's just me. I have never bid on eBay either.

Any advice to share about this auction site?

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Hello Bud.
Just move cautiously and watch the bids of others.
Study the site and learn how it works.
Hope others will find the bargains.


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since i will not shop in wall-mart and their related stores (just do not support their business ethics) i wonder if bj's or costco have he same action sites?

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