Pulling my 9th grd.out of PS which Homeschooling curriculum?

ScarlettVANovember 13, 2002

We have several to choose from....but are overwhelmed. Help us ......we are pulling her out so she will not reutrn after Thanksgiving. Thank you in advance!

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It's really hard to give advice unless we know a lot more about you and your daughter. Why did you pull her out- was it for social reasons, or did you think that she wasn't being educated well?

Are you looking for a Christian curriculum (which is what I'm most familiar with), or something secular? Could you continue to use the books she's been using, at least for this year, or is that part of what you want to get away from?

There are many companies (like aBeka) that will sell you a packaged curriculum, covering all the core subjects for her grade level, but I find that it's usually best to pick and choose from different companies to give you a variety of styles.

There's also the question of how your daughter learns best, and how comfortable you are teaching high-school subjects. If you are not confident, you might really need a workbook style curriculum.

Be prepared to spend a fair amount of money, especially if you choose a pre-packaged curriculum. That's why it might be a good idea to continue to use her current textbooks, if that's possible.

Let us know some details, and I'm sure lots of us will be glad to help!

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Thanks I just checked the forum again. We pulled her out b/c of social pressures. So many drugs and sex issues. She said she could not learn b/c so many we acting up in class as well. She is pretty shy but not antisocial. She loves animals and cooking and farm life. Thanks for any help!

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WE just started the k12 program. It is really awesome. Go to k12.com for more info.

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How insightful and compassionate of you to pull her out. I wish I had been pulled out of the horrifying pit that was my high school. Good luck to you.

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Hi Scarlet, I don't know much about different cirriculum other than to say a couple schools in our area (christian) have supplemented the aBeca instead of using it entirely. The reason from what I heard is because the kids did very well at early ages, but when they got in high school some of them struggled. It is my understanding that the aBeka is a lot of rote (spelling?) learining. Kids that memorize easily do very well, but when it comes to problem solving the cirriculum is weak. Again, I am no expert, however it is something to look into. The school my son went to stopped using it because of that. That has been a few years so it is possible that they have addressed that and it is no longer a problem.

We home schooled with the support of another woman who gave us direction (it helped me a lot). One thing she required of the kids was community service. I can't say enough good about that. My son was a little on the quiet side too, and he gave time at our museum or science and industry once per week. He gave demonstrations in different areas and not only learned, but he also learned to be more comfortable talking in front of others of all ages. It gave him a lot of confidence as well as helping others.

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