Upset kindergardener

FlowergirlDeb2November 13, 2002

Hi everyone! Today my 5 year old came home upset, very upset because he was near tears when he got off of the bus! He always comes home from school happy as can be, so I was very concerned what made him so sad.

I guess he was running down the hall so he wouldn't miss his bus home, and a teacher grabbed his jacket as he was running, making his shirt of course "choke" him around his neck. He said that she didn't tell him not to run, she just held him tight and yelled at him. Well, we went through my older son's yearbook so that I could hopefully find a photo of the teacher who did this, and my son found her, and when I saw who it was I was NOT surprised. Two questions here. First, as a parent I know that I need to do something because this woman truly upset my child. Should I write a note to the principal, or go in person and explain what my son told me? Second, I was working at the school last week as a substitute, and had the opportunity to be in the same room with this "grabby" teacher, and I was really upset myself at how she was treating the PRESCHOOLERS in the class! I had never met her before, though I had seen her each time I go to the school. She was stand-off-ish, too snippy with the children, and when I inquired what she was evaluating on the 3 year olds, she glared at me and never answered. She seems bitter and mean, not someone you would think should work with little kids. Because I had a bad experience with her myself, should I include that as well?? Thnaks!!

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I would call the principal and have a little chat. She choked your child, and as a last resort you could threaten to press charges for assualt. It's my understanding that teachers are not supposed to touch chilren these days!

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I would talk to the teacher.

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Yes- I agree- talk to the principal about it. The teacher needs to be reminded of how fragile children are and how easily they can be hurt!

(The devil's advocate side of me wonders how you'd feel if your child hurt himself while running in school- do you think you'd be upset that nobody stopped him?)

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I do not read that she choked the child. She grabbed his jacket, which pulled his shirt at his neck. I would suggest a freindly chat with the principal, who may not see her as you do and needs some information.

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I am going to the school tomorrow to talk to the principal, I just think that the little ones need gentle reminders about school rules, notthing like being grabbed while they run to catch the bus home! It really upset me, and my son was very sad, I hurt for him because he's somewhat fragile when it comes to adults giving him a "smack" or anything physical, we don't discipline like that here, but grandma has got his butt before!:) Thanks for all of the advice, I will let you all know what happens!:)

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you've already acted, so I'm late. But I recently had to speak about a teacher at my son's nursery school. i couched it in the "I'm providing you info that you may not have" way instead of as a total complaint. Obviously, the director knew I wasn't happy and that it was a complaint, but I didn't make it directly a complaint and said that mostly I wanted to be sure she knew what was going on.

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Excellent advice, Talley Sue.

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