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pepfun1February 14, 2006

I was wondering if any of you have suggestions on exactly what to use when writing on the back of your photos. CM discontinued their blue pencil and only have a double ended black/white one. Well I have TONS of labeling to do and I think it would be a waste to buy the doubles and have lots of stubby white pencils left that I won't use. So any suggestions on a particular brand and where to buy? Thanks Pep

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Do you have any craft stores/office stores like Staples? Even a regular stationary store should have something. Or a good craft magazine might have a suggestion, and you could email them

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I have one I don't use. Send me an email thru My Page and I can mail it to you

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Any scrapbook or stationery store (Office Depot) should have quite a variety of pens/pencils you could use. You could also use labels affixed to the back of each photo.

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