Sears Garage Door Opener

jyingJuly 19, 2014

Model #139.53674SRT2. Was working fine. Went out this morning and it opened fine. When I closed it, it went down all the way then came up about 6 inches. When I close it, it closes hard and the rail bends and it reverses and opens about 6 inches. I have adjusted the down limit clockwise several times and it does the same thing.

Any ideas? The openeris 13 years old.

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Go to the Garages forum lots of garage door problems there. Go to top of this page & you will see at far left in light blue FORUMS & click on that & "Home Forums" click that & you will see it. Some of helpers install them so they know how to help you.

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you need to adjust the limit switches rather gingerly. Search for an online copy of your manual. It might be time to call a repairman.

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