Outlet Covers for Glass Tile?

ctinccMay 19, 2010

Hubby and I finally found a backsplash tile that we both REALLY like. Then I got to thinking that the regular white/almond outlet and switch covers won't look good with the glass tile (it's in light shades of green). The problem is that the tile is a basketweave design and is wavy (like a real basket) so that the outlet covers won't sit flat on the tile. My first idea to solve the problem was to put on the outlet covers (maybe a silver pewter/stainless color) first, then cut out the tile to go around the outlet cover. Then I decided to ask you all since there are so many experienced and creative people here on GW. Suggestions?

TIA, Carol

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You can get plain glass outlet covers and paint the back of them in a color that matched the glass tile.

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Palimpsest, that's an interesting idea. I have seen mirrored outlet covers, but not plain glass. That got me to thinking about clear acrylic covers. I have seen clear acrylic switchplate covers for use with artwork or needlework, but I haven't seen clear acrylic outlet covers. Anyone have an idea where to find the clear glass or clear acrylic?--Carol

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I got mirrored ones and stripped them with paint stripper to remove the back paint and muriatic acid to remove the silvering. Its nasty, but it can be done. However, I have seen clear glass ones online. Look at Arnev, they may have them.

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Thanks, I'll take a look.

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Just a note that if you get truly clear outlet cover you will likely see into the box and see the wires and sides of the outlet. The point of the cover is to cover all that up. I think the paint idea is interesting but I would likely go with the original thought of tiling around the space for an outlet cover. Just be sure that you buy a standard size outlet cover in case you ever crack/stain (or whatever) one and need to replace it. Or buy a really interesting one but buy extras.

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Oh, brickton, you clever thing! That would have never occurred to me until I had actually tried it and I would have been so disappointed.--Carol

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You paint the back of it a color that matches the glass tile, you don't use them clear. The whole point of making them clear is to paint them the wall color or put matching wallpaper or whatever to make them blend in. Of course if you left it clear you would see the wiring.

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Okay, you can tell I'm a newbie at this. I think my mind is just fried from having to make so many decisions about the tiniest details. Wish I could afford to let someone else worry about this, but I am a real hands-on type person so I probably would just take over and do it myself anyway.--Carol

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I'm not sure how to work around the waves other than tiling around the outlet cover and someone mentioned Arnev, I believe. I did a search and did find something that may work for you here. Good luck :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Arnev - beveled glass outlet cover

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I got some clear plastic/acrylic switchplate covers from HD or Lowes a while back. They were advertised to be fitted with wallpaper to match the walls, and thats what I used them for. They look great.

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Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. You've been very helpful!

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get rid of the outlets in the wall and put them under the cabinets with plugmold.

problem solved.

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Just an FYI--I had gotten a glass outlet cover from Arnev (I got my wood plates from them and they were AWESOME about making sure the grain ran in the right direction-- vert or horiz for each plate since we were using them either vert or horiz depending on the location). They are a nice company with which to do business.

Anyway, the glass plate was very nice, and the spray paint I used on the back (Krylon?) covered beautifully, but the finished plate "read" too blue-green with my backsplash tile (Artistic Tile's Opera Glass in Wolfgang White, which does read a bit bluish-green at different times of day, just not as much as the plate). So, get one plate to use as a sample to make sure the finished color works with your tile.

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Circus Peanut

Just an fyi -- unfortunately it's against code to tile up to an outlet cover -- the outlet is then recessed and basically cemented in: you can't replace it because the little ears that keep it against the wall are now under the tile. Plus then you're stuck seeing the cut edges of the tile, not so aesthetically great either.

Optimally you'd find some kind of cover solution that works well -- I like the painted glass cover ideas, it gives you lots of flexibility. And they also make frosted glass covers that are opaque but still 'glassy'. Happy hunting!

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what did you finally decide with the outlet covers for the wavy glass i have the same issue.

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We have a wavy glass tile. I used box extensions to bring the outlet out to align the highest point on the tile and utilized flexible vinyl outlet covers to put over top.. Next time, I'll measure the cover and tile up to it..

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Coming late to the party, but on my kitchen glass tile backsplash, I also used clear glass outlet covers from Arnev.com, but I backed them with a photograph of the tile, so the grout lines appear.

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That's a great idea lizajay. I would love to see a picture of the installed glass plate!

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I tried to upload a photo, but got a never ending spinner. I'll try again here. Note, because of the glass reflections, the photos are not great quality. The color is actually a very subdued green. Okay. Here you go.

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Genius, lizajay. Thanks for bumping this thread. I love this idea.

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That's so clever!

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