Central A/C compressor won't start

papachopJuly 16, 2005

I read all of the answers to why my compressor on my cental A/C unit would not start but you may have forgot an important one. Be sure and check the big yellow or main power wire over to and connected to the compressor. If it is corroded or burned and has arched and the brass spade connector is disconnected or melted you will have no power to the compressor. Cut wire back to the good part, put new spade connector on and reattach same to the compressor and A/C should now work and blow cold air. I had an honest A/C man find my problem yesterday and he fixed it, checked everything out and only charged me $50.00. I was so happy to find an HONEST A/C man I gave him a $75.00 Tip. He was there over an hour!

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You probably should've posted this in the Heating and Air Conditioning Forum instead of the Home Repair Forum...


Here is a link that might be useful: THS Gardenweb / Forum List

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My central A/C Luxair unit for which the motor was replaced
about 2 years ago 3/4 hp (i think), makes a loud sound and
the handy man that came to look at it said the motor is shot
because the bearings are shot!

Is there a quick fix for it or an interim fix. He said he would charge $350 to fix it.
I need help determining if it is true and if only the bearings can be replaced?

Thanks Sari, asap in Palm Springs area!... its hot!

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for the bearings to have gone so quickly, the motor must not have been installed and oiled properly.

no one can tell you for sure without physically being there and checking it. call a HVAC repair center and have them send someone to check it.

BTW, start a new thread, not bring back one that is almost a year old on a whole different subject.

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My central unit outside well i got a new motor and capacitor...the fan runs but the compressor will not kick on..it makes a noise like it wants to come on for a few seconds then nothing happens...how can I tell if it is finished or make it work?

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