Does termite damage have a musty odor?

dpforumdogJuly 15, 2013

We bought a farmhouse and thankfully we just go there on weekends. The house has a musty odor. There had been horrible termite damage. Supposedly it is termite free now, but I am wondering if the past termites or current termite damage could be causing the odor.

I know they make tunnels. Do the tunnels have a smell even years after the termites are gone?

We are trying to correct a moisture problem in the crawlspace but I think the musty smell may be a result of the termite residue.

Any and all responses appreciated.

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Sounds like you already figured it out. Moisture in a crawl space can cause musty odors and termite tunnels alow the moisture to penitrate deeper causing additional odor. Drying up and ventilating the crawl space should take care of it.
It might seem like termites smell musty but it's more accuratly because termites normaly invade areas of high moisture.

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Your question about a musty odor reminded me of an article I read a few years ago about unclean food establishments. The restaurant inspector/author said that a musty odor indicates rats. Whenever he entered a restaurant with a strong musty odor, he knew there was a rat infestation. I suggest this: Borrow or invest in a trail (motion detector) camera. Est. $150. Use it to detect what's causing the musty order because I'm pretty darn sure it isn't the termites or termite damage. It could be mold or mildew from water damage or it could be vermin.

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