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hhl1July 18, 2014

Anybody know what this product is?

My doesnt like the look/color of our siding (fairly new and insulated too so don't want to replace it). So something like the product shown would be great. Any ideas appreciated.

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I call it WOK siding..

The official name of it is Wpc Siding Panel. It is a cheap Chinese product that I would not put on a dog house (that goes for all Chinese building products for me). They are different styles of it that is installed in different ways.

Cant say what the official name for the stand off/spacers are called. We just call them "ball joints". They are used to place the siding out away from old wood lap siding when the home owner does not want the old siding removed.

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WOK siding, I don't care who you are that's funny (not politically correct but funny none the less).

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It is not the wood look that I care about just the possibility of bigger (8" siding) over the smaller 4" stuff. So if there are other non Chinese options then I'm good with those.


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