$1184 to purchase/install a fixed Velux S06 skylight?

EricamdJuly 11, 2013

This seems to be what I'm faced with. I've signed a roofing contract, but decided to replace the skylights after we signed the contract. They are saying it'd be approx $1184-$1350 each to replace both skylights with new Velux fixed skylights (FS S06 or FSR S06). I know they are large skylights about 40x40 but at the same time, they are fixed.....not the more expensive vented models.

I guess they are marking up the skylights and flashing kits a good amount and charging about $1200 for labor.

Not too sure what to do.

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Why did you start a second thread on the same subject? You've repeated the same question as before.

If the skylight replacement at this price is part of the contract you signed, I'd say you're stuck. If it's not mentioned, i think you have flexibility. You need to express your concern about the price to the roofer and tell him (nicely) that overcharging you isn't in his best interest.

40 x 40 isn't that large for a skylight. Half of the ones I have are larger and I don't think that's unusual.

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Plug your numbers in at Lowes, see what you come up with Roofing suppliers are usually a bit cheaper, but they don't give them away.

Expect to pay somewhere around $100 just for the flashing kit.

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