Replace 20 yr old Skylights?

EricamdJuly 9, 2013

Hi There,

We are having a new roof put on next month. We currently have two layers of shingles, so they'll both be taken off down to the decking. We currently have two Andersen skylights aboe the sunroom. I'm assuming they are at least 20 yrs old. Probably closer to 25. They don't seem to leak. At least not in the past 3.5 years we have lived there. There are some water stains, but I think the previous owners left them open on a few occasions.

I got up on the roof last week and wiped the glass down with windex, and I noticed that the metal tabs between the two panes of glass are rusted and flaking. I'm assuming some condensation gets between the glass.

Would you replace the skylight now???

I'm thinking of going with Velux Fixed skylights

Thanks for your adice!

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Reroofing time is the right time to replace skylights. They don't last forever.

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If you have any signs of rust between the panes, the seal has failed. That means now is the perfect opportunity to replace them at the cheapest cost. In addition to concerns about leakage, loss of the seal means that they are not as energy efficient as they once might have been.

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By thinking Velux, IMO, your thinking is brilliant! Make sure they buy the flashing kit for the light, flashing kits are generally not included with the light.

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Thanks for the replies!

I measured the skylights from the inside and they seem to be 39 x 41. Not sure if the Velux Fixed FS S06 will fit, or if I'll need to get the FSR.

The roofing company here in CT was saying it's going to cost $1185 to replace each skylight. So basically like $2400. That involves flashing and trim etc.

That sort of seems insane. I was thinking maybe $1600 for both.

We already signed the roofing contract but that was before I decided we should replace the skylights.

Please let me know if that price seems way out of line.

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It's been a while since I installed new skylights in my house, but that seems somewhat high to me. Have you priced these skylights independently? For example, I just checked online and found a Velux fixed skylight that measured 39" X 39" for under $400 at Lowes, and the Installation of the skylight should not be expensive.

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I replaced 6 skylights two years ago, several larger, and it was under $500 per. That's an installed price. They were down to the plywood decking on my roof too and installation was "easy" (according to the roofing company owner).

It sounds like your roofer figures they have you over a barrel. Get a quote from a skylight company and compare it.

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I think I should get a quote from a different place and see what they'd charge to do the skylights. I will call today. Since the price for the skylights seems high...I'm assuming the contract for the roof job is a little high too. I had 6 roof estimates over the past year. This was a little higher, but not the highest.

The prices I've found online for the velux FS s06 and FSR are about $375-$425 plus the flashing kits. Roughly $1000 for materials.

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