Woodpecker holes in cedar siding

big_al_41July 29, 2014

Ok people .. how do I go about fixing and filling the holes that those GD woodpeckers put into the corners of my house? Someone suggested that I use bondo . Any thoughts Thanks

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I don't believe bondo will expand and contract with the wood so it will crack over time. I have used the two-part wood epoxy filler on an exterior door but that eventually cracked around the edges too. I have also used a squeeze bottle wood filler for small holes that has held up fine, but I don't know how well it would work for larger holes. Is just using regular caulk an option? That will seal the holes but will never perfectly blend in. Painting over does help to hide it though.

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Mosquito.. thank you for the reply . I think I will go with the caulk ...one made for outside and can move with the various temps here in New England. those dam birds are driving me nuts.

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1) do something about the bugs that the woodpeckers are going after. They don't make holes for the sake of making holes, there are critters in there that look like breakfast to Mr. Woodpecker. They don't make a hole if they are just drumming to announce their presence.

2) On my barn, which has been infested with winter moths under the shingles, I discourage the woodpeckers by sliding a piece of aluminum between the shingles to cover the hole, tacking it in place with a small SS nail. Hit it with a dab of red paint and it is not very noticeable.

Getting the building weather tight and re-painting seems to have made it less hospitable to the moths. In one area I discovered a serious carpenter ant farm thanks to the woodpecker's attention, so it's not all bad.

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Not sure about New England, but in the PNW they certainly do peck for the sake of pecking/to announce their presence. We have one (wpecker or flicker) that comes every spring just to "peck" on our chimney cap.

It is the loudest resounding noise through all the house. And, you can't tell me he is pecking because there are any bugs there (it is metal).

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Right, but when they are drumming to announce themselves they don't make holes, hence the metal cap works fine for them. If they are boring holes it's either to excavate a nest cavity or go after breakfast. They don't actually make much noise when they are serious about making a hole.

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Our extension service recommends hanging rat traps baited with peanuts near where the holes are being made. We fought with flickers for years, and do have metal sheet and mesh up to deter them, but the rat traps really do work well: the flickers either get frightened and don't return, or they move on to another world.

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I had a problem with Pileated Woodpeckers putting holes in my deck posts. I hung a metal hanger and a bright colored twirling windsock over the area... no more problems!

I'm surprised the extension center would recommend something that might harm the birds.

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I just went through this with my wood siding, we had a very bad year of woodpeck migrations and they made some seriously big holes in my house. For the patching, I found the DAP plasticwood patch they sell at home depot. I initially had a hard time applying the stuff ( youtube attached) but once its in place, it stains great and forms a perfect seal on the wood. To get rif of the woodpeckers, I used a windsock with holographic foil. They are dirt cheap ( you can find them on amazon) and will keep the woodpeckers away. You just have to hang it near the area they are hammering. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Patching woodpecker holes

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