Which cement color is the best to match red brick wall?

coodyJuly 9, 2011

I want to repair mortar between bricks on the exterior wall. Since the bricks are red, I have to mix the mortar with the cement color. I saw two similar cement color, red and terra cotta in the HD. Do you have experience to use the cement color? Do you think which cement color is the best to match the red color brick wall, the red or terra cotta? See

and . Thank you for your answer.

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Post a photo. What you're describing is unusual. Mortar does not match the brick, ever.

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The photos have already been there. Click on the purple words underlined.

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From your photos you are trying to patch a crack above windows where mortar should not be to begin with. http://i599.photobucket.com/albums/tt74/followshot/MortarCrack.jpg

If you feel you have to replace mortar, use plain old mortar to match what is between the bricks.

It will crack again. Mortar was used where caulk should be.

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Hi! Do you mean to use caulk patch where the mortar is? What kind of caulk are you talking about? In addition, what do you mean the plain old mortar? Where and how to get it?

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