Leftovers, anyone?

joyfulguySeptember 15, 2005

I note that the two items at the top of the list both started back in Jan 2003.

It sure doesn't take that long for items to drop off the cliff over in KT - even with 17 pages!

o j (not juiced up - today, at least)

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lol...I didn't realize these threads were so old...I've just gotten around to looking through this forum, I spend most of my time over on the laundry board, lots of great info over here!

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I thought you'd come up with a NEW idea for using up leftovers....yes that's me thinking FOOD!

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Next thing, Bud - you'll be looking for a diet forum, being obsessed with food and all.

By the way, around here, the A & P slogan is, "We're fresh obsessed" ...

... to which I reply, "Yeah - if I get fresh - you'll get obsessed, right enough".

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Glad that you're back.

o j

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