Any Home depot Coupons

shwetagargSeptember 19, 2007

Can anyone lend me coupons of Home depot or lowes.


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Have you checked on line for their coupons? Some companies offer them there. I always get my Pizza Hut coupons online.

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you can request 10% coupons from them by filling out a form on the internet - it has something to do with moving. Post office has a package of coupons/offers targeted for those who just moved, but there is s HD card you can take to request the 10% off.

Finally, ebay sells occasional 20% HD coupons, very useful and a good value if you are in the market to spend a lot. Just make sure the coupon would work for your purchase (they are of course, some exclusions).

Finally, what is it that you are after in HD and Lowe's? 10% common coupon is not that much, often you can save a lot more by shopping elsewhere.

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