Cheap things that end up expensive

toomuchglassSeptember 30, 2007

This is the opposite post of :

"Expensive things that end up cheaper " . 

My DH always told me - penny wise - dollar foolish. Boy ,I've leared that lesson hundreds of times over in my lifetime. I've always bought Cheap . Used. On Sale. Second hand. ( Trying to pinch that penny !! ) There's just somethings that aren't worth skimping on. I have too long of a list to post - but a couple things that stick in my mind were - a box spring and mattress. Oh Yeah - went to the sleazy warehouse bed & mattress place because they has " Blow-out prices ! " Got the bed home ... assembled it -- and the box spring SQUEAKED so loud - we couldn't sleep . The mattress sagged more than an 80 year old stripper. AWFUL !! We ended up buying a whole new set at a GOOD STORE.

( Double cost ) We bought a "close out ceiling fan " ... took it back and exchanged it 3 times because of fitting problems. That sucker Finally shorted out a bunch of wires in this old house & we ended up having a contractor re-do al lthe wiring in the house. Gulp . Oh yeah .......a closeout $50 fan costs us thousands.

I've learned alot of lessons here. Don't get me wrong --- I really have had alot of good luck with used or clearance stuff - it's those one or two things that make you kick youself in the butt !! LOL Any stories to relate ?

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We always bought cheap box springs and mattresses and never regretted it. As a matter of fact I did buy an expensive Simmons a few years ago and it was the worst one I have ever had. I don't buy cheap when it comes to mechanical things like clothes washers, dishwashers, etc.. I usually buy a medium priced or better. I buy the best Whirlpool dishwasher to get a quiet one. I think your experience as you age, helps you know what to skimp on.

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Canadian Dollar costs US$1.01 today.

Cdn$1.00 increase from about US85 cents in a few months recently sure has had a drastic effect not only on US holdings ... but foreign ones with the portion of their stock based in New York, as well.


ole joyful

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The last mattress and box springs we had lasted about 15 years and is still good enough to use. it's in the guest room. This new set we bought when we had this house built less than 2 years ago, a cheap set from American Furniture, a big outlet chain here in Colorado. There's a ridge in the middle and two depressions where we sleep. This thing isn't going to last long at all.

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We bought a sofa at a clearance store about 15 years ago for about $700, and it's still going strong. I keep a sheet thrown over it during the week to keep it clean and free of pet hair. We had a minor fire and it got singed, but we found a furniture repair guy who took the fabric off the back and fixed it beautifully.

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I've had "cheap" things that lasted forever it seemed, cheap things that didn't last minutes.... I've also had EXPENSIVE things that seem to last forever, and also I've had expensive things that died quickly.

I've learned to look for quality, not price. I shop for value. I make mistakes now and then, my $500 van is at about $5000 invested after three years :( but then again, it gets me around just as well as a $30,000 new van would so it still comes out to be the better value.

I hate the term "cheap". It's a subjective term. In another thread someone mentioned "cheap tires" were a bad value. I disagree. Michelin's top line tires for $35 each were "cheap" tires, but excellent value.

When I bought tools, I learned quickly to look for the value. Spending more and getting higher quality is often worth it. OTOH, for a pair of pliers to serve a light duty job, the dollar store version work fine. Fit the cost to the need and get value. To buy a $20 pair of pliers to have in the drawer for occasional use is not a good value, though many would say they wouldn't mind spending the money there. But when you make your living using those tools on a construction site or as a mechanic, having the Brand X often is a poor value.

Oh, and FWIW, to me, a $50 fan is not a "cheap" fan! I paid half that for the one in my kitchen. Installed it about 20 years ago and it's going strong. Quiet, efficient, and had the fourplex light unit included.

Getting value requires some research, some knowledge, some common sense and reputable vendors. I'm not adverse to buying used. I realize that you win some and lose some, just like buying at a store. Sometimes you can bring them back to a store, even though it costs you. So there's no perfect solution.

And no offense, but I'm curious.... did the FAN cause the shorting, or did improper installation cause it? I'm not sure how a properly installed fan could short out other wires in the house. If the fan itself shorted, the fuse/breaker would pop.

Oh yeah, speaking of beds, I bought an expensive, good name one at a "closeout" though IMO was still very expensive and I've hated it since I got it. I get backaches from it. Too firm. Usually mattresses work in a little, this didn't. I want to get rid of it, but not sure what to get. Possibly an air mattress, but I'm hesitant of the mold issues, or a foam one which I've always liked since I worked in a furnature store as a teen.

Maybe I'm fortunate, I like to think it's because I shop for value, but I really haven't been "stung" on many things overall. Generally I will say that buying a slightly better quality than I planned is usually a good investment but there's no hard and fast rules.

So now that I've walked in circles... I'll move on! :) Happy shopping er, value hunting, all!

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Cheap nylons end up costing me money because they always run...I buy better quality stockings/tights and they last much much longer and no embarrassing runs........... they have the added benefit of being thicker,darker so I also don't have to shave my legs as often which saves me time and money :) sorry guys if that's too much information

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cynic- Look into getting a 'miracle foam' mattress topper before you buy a new mattress. I just slept at one at my mother's for a week, and I can't wait to get one. It's about 2" thick memory foam.

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flgargoyle, thanks for the suggestion. Actually I used to use a featherbed on top which was really nice in the winter. Turn down the heat, and crawl in there with flannel sheets and a down comforter! Comfy! And I got one of the foam toppers you mentioned from my sister a while back. It does help. She had one and liked it so she bought me one. (She bought two bed sets at the same time I got mine! LOL) I'm not sure if she dislikes the bed or not. She's talked about a new one, but she talks about buying a LOT of new stuff! LOL

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