The Government Lies

skipper1960October 30, 2013

All we hear is how bad America's Education is compared to numerous other countries. But here's some facts that our government doesn't tell you.
-Those other countries only test their very best students, WE test everyone.
-Those other countries don't have handicapped students such Multi Handicapped, IEP , 405's or the number of ESL students that we have. We test all.
-Those other countries will have their top students live at the school during the school year.
-Those other countries don't teach to a test.
-Those other countries highly value their teachers, WE DON'T
-Those other countries don't have the diversity of nationalities we have in this country, or the diverse income inequality.
-If these countries are doing such a wonderful job education their kids, then why doesn't our government try to model their program.
-We have one education plan for all students. We expect them all to go to college. That's like all of us wearing the same color, size style of shoes. It just doesn't fit.
Our schools are not in poor shape, it's the government policies that are pour for our students.

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Something to think about

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