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musicteacherJuly 5, 2014

All I wanted to do was to remove the popcorn so I could paint my cabinets... and I have opened a can or worms. I just got all the popcorn off my kitchen ceiling, and most of it is easy - just a few nail holes or a place I scraped to be levelled off. But we have a soffit that runs over the cabinets and windows and it is a mess. How do I mud over that? Edges and inside it even possible to make that look good? I thought about adding molding to the soffit, crown at the top an some narrow strip at the bottom, which might give me a firm corner to mud up to. ?
To add to the problem, the vertical parts are painted over wallpaper. There was no way to remove the wallpaper without taking the wallboard with it. It is not going anywhere. Anyway, that adds to the raggedy edge. I could slice it off with an exacto knife, but I know it wouldn't be even. What would you do with this mess? . Thank you so much for your help.

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Get a bag of 20 minute mud and an assortment of drywall blades. Mix a little mud, fill, and by the time you're done, the mud where you started will be ready for sanding and another coat. Don't try to get it perfect the first time, just keep mudding thin and sanding and feathering until it's right.

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Thank you Trebuchet. "Don't try to get it perfect the first time"
That was the best advice ever. After 3 tries, it is "almost decent.". Could use another stab, but I just gave up and cleaned up all the mess everywhere. The little tiny places that are left shouldn't be too bad though.

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