Abeca curriculum

spunkyOctober 6, 2001

We have been gathering information from different Christian schools in our area. Some of them say that they are using the Abeca teachings. What does this mean?

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here is the site for A Beka

Here is a link that might be useful: A Beka Book

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The A beka curriculum has been around as the site said since 1974. I taught the A beka cirriculum in 3 yr. old Preschool(they call it 3 year old Kindergarten or at least they use to) and also help teach it in 5 yr. old Kindergarten. I tught some 3 and 4 yr. old and didn't quite use the curriculum altogether. The cirriculum , from my stand point has always been big on moral and Chrsitian teaching along with a large emphasis on teaching young children phonics and reading skill along with number recognition and how to add and subtract and also skills. I am also somewhat familiar with the first grade cirriculum and even the third grade cirriculum as I had a child in the first grade cirriculum and my sister-in-law taught one year the third grade cirriculum. I find it a plus especially for grammar school age children.


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My son went to a Christian school for kindergarten that used Abeka. I couldn't say enough good things about it!

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You will have very strong readers with this program!

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I home school my two daughters, ages 6 & 12, and we use A Beka. I am also a certified teacher, and A Beka is one of the best curriculums I've seen- in public or private schools. My oldest daughter used A.C.E. for 3 years, and A Beka is so much more advanced. It encourages critical and analytical thinking. As long as you've found a good Christian school, you can't go wrong with A Beka. It's NOT easy, but your child will benefit greatly, and will definitely be ready for college when the time comes! Good luck!

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You don't say how old your child is, so the following might or might not be helpful.
One unusual thing about A Beka is that they start to teach cursive writing very early- right along with printing. This would have been great for my daughters, but very difficult for my son.
They are very strongly phonics based, which is probably good for most kids. However, if your child is advanced in reading, he/she is likely be bored to tears by excessive phonics drills. (This is not as much of a problem in a homeschool, where you can tailor the curriculum to fit your child.)
My second daughter (now in 6th grade) has used their math curriculum all along and does very well. They are very heavy on drill and practice.

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so do they go all the way to high school?

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Yes, they go all the way through high school. But I'd hate to be in a school system where that was all they did from k-12.

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