How to seal recessed lighting

smb2003July 20, 2010


I seem to have a fly problem that I think could be some flies in the attic that are getting into the house through recessed lighting. I was advised to seal the lights (I have about 13 total) but I'm not sure what to use. Do you just caulk around it? I'm a first time homeowner that is clueless.

I plan to use one of those insect foggers first to try to kill any flies, then seal the lighting.

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It will be difficult if not impossible to do unless they are the air-seal type (and they should be if they are below an attic) with a gasket at the ceiling trim ring.

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ICAT insert
insulation contact air tight insert that goes inside of
recessed light.
youll need name brand model number. go online to mfg's website and search for ICAT.

gaskets only seal oversized cut in sheetrock at can housing
when you want to seal actual holes in housing.

we have had some success with using foam ice chests--
cut to fit tightly to attic floor caulked and sealed in
place. however you must have 4" clearance on all sides
and top.

best of luck.

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I'm not aware that anything can be put inside a recessed fixture and still maintain its UL rating.

There are enclosures that can be added to the outside of a fixture but it must be IC (insulation contact) rated

Here is a link that might be useful: air seal enclosure

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