Egg drop

andrewOctober 24, 2001

Help, I have to drop an egg from three storys up have it land on a target 20cm wide in a 100gram or less box/package without breaking. Any ideas?

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Use lots of straws, cotton balls, and tape.

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okay-- I CAN'T believe science teachers are still using this one. Haven't heard of having to hit a target, so at least thats a little twist. Andrew, I am a teacher and a former scientist so I will not tell you exactly how to do it but think: Since you are limited to only 100 grams of packaging, if the package hits the ground at a high enough velocity, no matter how well it is packed, the force will cause the egg to break, right? (I know I am oversimplifying here) Think: the clue here is velocity. Please let us know what you do and how it works.

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Put the egg inside a box filled with bubble-wrap. It worked for me. Good Luck~

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Come on guys, Sadiesmom is on the right track. Don't give the answer! That defeats the whole purpose of the exercise!

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another scientific principle governing impact damage is dispersing the force. For example, the outer frames of some cars are designed to sort of falls apart when hit, and the inner frame (or cab of the car) stays intact to protect to occupant; the force of the blow is carries in all directions through the outer frame instead of traveling in a direct line to the inner frame and to the people inside, and therefore the force is dissipated. Of course, you could total your car more easily, but YOU are safe.

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Have you considered using styrofoam to pack the egg in?

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velocity...hint hint...think of a feather...

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This is great - my daughter got this assignment last week. We're going to start working on it this weekend.

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I'm coming back later to find out the answer... I don't remember doing this in school. I'm sure I threw a few eggs though.

O:) ----)>

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So what was the out come and what did you use?

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My daughter ended up at district competition last Saturday. She placed 4th - out of the money, but I was VERY proud of her!

Each kid was given 2 styrofoam cups, a paper plate, 4 popcycle sticks, 2 playing cards, 2 straws, a baggie of popcorn, 4 paperclips, 12" yarn, a piece of aluminum foil, a small plastic trash bag & a rubber band. They were allowed to use one glue stick & had 30 minutes to construct their container.

Only 4 out of 50+ kids had their eggs break, which was surprising when you saw the speed on some of them when they came down! They were dropped from the ceiling of the basketball colisieum at our local college.

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