Larry Janesky's CT Basement Systems

kitchenconfidential2July 18, 2011

Has anyone had any experience with Connect Basement Systems, now called Larry Janesky's CT Basement Systems?

We have finally narrowed down our choice and will more than likely go with this company, however, they recommend a DryTak system, and I was wondering if anyone has used this process - pros and cons.

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I'm sure this system using a sump pump will work (provided your power does not go out!) but have you done all you can outside the house first? Does the ground slope away from foundation and do you have a working gutter system with extra long horizontal drainspouts? You might even find that the exterior work can fix your problem completely.

For sure you want to minimize water so you are not on pins and needles every time there is a power outage and your sump pump is not working.

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