Painting exterior of 70s house

appledecoJuly 27, 2009

I know I'm not supposed to post on multiple forums, but hopefully, you guys can forgive me. I posted this message on the paint forum, but I'm thinking this may have way more to do with repairing the existing trim than painting it.

My husband and I will be buying a contemporary 1970's house soon and it needs a lot of love.

It needs gutters, but I'd like to get the exterior painted first. I should also mention a good portion of the exterior is a stone facade (hopefully this will make my job easier!).

I want to be sure I'm prepping correctly, choosing the right paints, and maintaining the exterior properly. So here are my questions!

- I'll be replacing some rotted fascia boards, what are the best steps to take with this? Paint before installing? Installing then painting? Is there any specific primer or sealer I should use before painting?

- I'll be painting over existing painted fascia. Is just a light sanding and caulking needed as prep? Is there a way to clean the fascia without taking it down? What is the best brand/type/finish of paint to use?

- I'll be painting existing bead board. I think it's called bead board. It looks like that, anyway. Do I need to sand/caulk/clean?

- For maintenance, do I just need to repaint every 5 years or so?

I've been told that I will need to power wash, dry, scrape any loose,peeling paint,sand,clean dust,oil prime then apply finish coats. Is all of this necessary?

Thanks for any and all help!


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On the fascia board prime and paint both sides. 2 coats on the front,one on the back side before hanging. Clean everthing you are going to repaint with a cleaner of some sort. Paint doesn't like dirty surfaces. If it a wood sided house,I would not powerwash. You will probably damage the siding and force water underneath it and cause problems in the wall. A detergent and a good stiff scrub brush is all you need. Scrape away the loose paint and prime and paint.

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Thanks R,

It IS wood other than the partial stone facade.
Is there a specific detergent I should look for?

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any household cleaner...just go easy...and a good paint job can last years...

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After you scrape loose paint off of wood, go over the surface with an orbital sander (see pic in link below). If you don't have one of these sanders, buy one - you will be glad you did.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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