Asphalt Driveway Repair

glassrJuly 18, 2012

Please see attached photos. I have an estimate to - prefill the low area with asphalt to bring on level plane with remainder of driveway. Cut out to all points of entry to allow for full depth new asphalt and to maintain positive water flow. Apply RC 50 liquid adhesive. Machine lay 2" of asphalt (9.5mm surface asphalt) and compact. Deliver and spread backfill/topsoil as needed around perimeter to soften grade and stabilize. Haul related debris off site. $2,100.

Is filling the low area adequate and is $2100 good for this job in MD for 642 sq ft driveway?


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Why is the area subsiding? Is there a problem with the base? Was there a tree in the vicinity that has now had a root rot out? Is there an underground water leak? How do they plan to raise the level of the drive and not have water flow into your garage if they are only proposing to remove the "aprons" of the drive? Those are all questions that you should ask any contractor who gives you a proposal here.

From your photos, it looks like you have a problem with the base for the drive, and the asphalt really needs to be removed and have more gravel delivered and compacted---for the whole driveway. Then you can put all new asphalt on the new base. Patches like you describe usually cause more problems than they fix.

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Thanks for the quick response. The patch was recommended by one asphalt company. 2nd asphalt company just came out minutes ago and recommended complete tear out and replace for $3500 for 756 square feet. He said the subsiding area was caused by water/snow sitting over 30 years. He is guessing there is no hole underneath, but will dig down a couple feet to find out. He will regrade and redo the base so water will not sit on the driveway.

I feel more comfortable with this 2nd estimate. Is $3500 reasonable for this type of job?

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