Open House - 'No Show' teachers

whazzupSeptember 18, 2002

I went to my son's high school open house this week, only to find that two (out of six) of his teachers were not there. This has happened before and it's so aggravating! The open house has been on the schedule since July. I can understand if they were ill or something but these teachers were at school the day of the open house and were also at work the next day. Makes me wonder if they were avoiding the parents for some reason. I don't know why it isn't mandatory that teachers be at open house. I know that when my son was in band, he was required to attend - it was actually part of his grade! Just want to vent... maybe open house isn't that big a deal to teachers?

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Have run into the same thing myself. Our kids get an afternoon off so the teachers don't have to teach, so they can be at the open house without having to pay them overtime. Then, they don't show. I think, without very good reason,their paychecks should be deducted,(and am I ever going to hear it on that comment) I am one of those in your face moms, so if I really have an issue, I make it a point to see the teacher another time. But to have them not show is just plain rude.


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I just went to an open house for my kid. There was a no show there as well. However, I know the cause of that one. That no show was because the teacher was taking a college class. They need to keep taking classes around here to keep up their certification. And that teacher's class happened to be on the day of open house.

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I agree teachers should be there. I teach and I feel that being professional is very important because teachers are not perceived as being professionals. If the principal ok's the teachers leave then discuss it with the principal. Remember that the college professor requires his/her students to be in class as well.

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I think that too many teacher's are burned out, and that not being at an open house shows complete disrespect for the parents and students. They should be reprimanded somehow, if they care.

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Lots of our teachers take or teach college classes after school. Also, some of them are club sponsors or coaches and have planned activities with their students.

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Lots of teachers are also working second jobs just to pay the bills.

Separate thought: I find it interesting how many public school teachers have their own kids in private school.

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Some secondary schools hold two or three different back to school nights - one for each grade level. The PE, Art, and Music teachers, who teach ALL grade levels, take turns going, so that one member of the department is there to greet parents.

And many of the teachers take graduate courses, which are condensed. Missing one evening's class would be the equivalent of missing two weeks of a regularly scheduled college course, so they can't afford to miss it.

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I'd still complain to the principal, because then she/he can schedule a set of Open House nights or something.

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I wouldn't get upset about it. There may be very legitimate reasons why 2 teachers didn't show up. Open houses are "meet and greets" very casual. You check out the school, your child's schedule,etc. Not a time for conferences or indept talks with teachers. I don't see the problem. NancyLouise

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I know that a couple of our grade school teachers also coach volleyball and have had games on Open House night. The Open House was scheduled after the games. Keep an open mind about why those teachers weren't there. It is always tough for anyone to have to decide between two important activities.

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I agree teachers should attend Open House nights, but do keep in mind teachers are human and could actually be sick or have a sick child at home.

Classes, part time jobs, other school related duties and sickness are some excusable reasons to miss, but other than that a teacher should show up at Open Houses to show support for their students and school.

I don't think it would be fair to deduct a paycheck for not attending an open house because many teachers put in a lot of extra hours before and after school and on weekends that they are never compensated for. If I got paid by the hour I would make an awesome amount of money!

BigMac, I personally don't know of any teachers that can afford to put their children in private school nor do I know any that would choose to. Maybe it depends on where they teach or live.

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I am a teacher with 35 years of experience and have missed one open house do to my Grandmother's death. In my school it is rare for teachers to miss. We get about 10 percent of the parents show up. Our biggest problem is student and parent apathy.

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Maybe it was different thirteen years ago?

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Yeah, I'm over it now anyway :)

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