Can someone enter university without passing high school?

blublaSeptember 2, 2008

Is it possible for someone to go to the university in the United States if one has only finished middle school (junior high), and received a diploma for its completion, but has not passed senior high school? Aside from that, considering that that student has some certificates for that given subject (for example, subject is computer science, and the student has 3 CompTIA certificates: A+, Network+, and Security+).

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I don't know quite what you are asking, but it is possible to enroll in the community college here once you are 16. We have had some kids graduate from the CC and HS at the same time.

I don't know that anyone could skip high school and go straight to college at 14 years old, unless he or she tested as some kind of exceptional genius and special circumstances exist and special enrollment could be allowed.

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I got some comments saying that it is possible, but will need a GED in order to do so. And that is when one is at least 16 years old. What I just said is clear to me, so I have another question. My other question will be that if one has certificate(s) given by some associations (such as CompTIA as mentioned in my previous post), could a university let that person apply? In other words, can such certificates be equivalent (in terms of university acceptance) to a diploma?
I considered that certificates can mean expertise in a certain subject (and hours of study). So I thought that someone could get into a university and study the subject one specializes in (same as the field one is certified to).
Anyway, back to the question. Is it possible?

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Usually, a US student must have a high school diploma or a GED. If the student is coming from a foreign country, they probably will require similar documents. The best thing to do is contact the university directly, or even look for the requirements on the college's website. They should list them there.

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I agree with Blackcat333. Contact the school via their website or go online and look. Most school will tell their requirements on that. With that being said, I don't know of any accredited university that would accept you without the HS diploma or something similar like a GED or something similar from a foreign country. But I could easily be wrong since I'm only familiar with what's around here.

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To get a college degree you have to take many courses outside your field. That's one of the differences between a university degree and a certificate in a particular field.

For example, for my computer science degree I also had to take math, chemistry, physics, and several credits in humanities along with the computer science classes. It would have been very difficult (it was anyway) without adequate high school preparation.

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I teach at a community college. You do NOT need a GED or a High School Diploma to attend most community colleges in the US. They will take tuition money from and educate anyone who wants to be educated.

Good Luck.

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Our local community college has several options.

Anyone can register for their classes on things like photoshop, amateur photography, etc. Once you've passed the class, you do get a "certificate" to show you passed that class.

Also, I think anyone can register and take their certification classes that prepare students to pass their CompTIA exams.

To enroll in their classes to work toward a degree or diploma, a student does not have to have his or her GED or high school diploma; however, the student will have to pass a competency exam in basic math and writing skills, I think something akin to the GED. They do have basic remedial classes to help students who aren't prepared to pass a GED or a competency exam.

However, our local community colleges do not take tuition money from and enroll anyone who wants into a diploma or degree program.

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Actually, if you don't pass what we call the placement exams in math and English, you just have to take remedial classes till you can, and you get no credit toward your degree for the remedial classes. Then when you pass the tests, you qualify to take the math and English requirements.

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