Cutting your own hair?

bry84September 28, 2006

Ok, I know this sounds like a good way to make an amazing mess, but I was wondering if it's such a crazy idea and if other people did it?

I have a very short style cut to about the same length all over with electric clippers. I also pay about £70-80 a year to maintain it. I'd actually like to have it cut more frequently, but it's expensive and takes time out of my day. I'm wondering if I could get my own electric clippers and just clip it all over the same length myself?

The money savings would be welcome, but I want my hair to look at least as good as it does now. I think there's a reasonable chance I could do it myself.

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Hi - I have longer hair and cut it myself. It helps that it is very curly so any irregularities are hidden. Every couple of years I go to a stylist and have it all reshaped. I use electric clippers on dh's hair and he prefers my amateur cuts to the barber's.

Give it a try!

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I've done it a lot. It helps to have a *real* haircut at a professional place every once and a while.

You may want to pick up a book on haircutting to get an idea of how hair is sectioned for professional cuts before you start.

With the popularity of the 'buzzed' cut hair on men nowdays, a lot of men do their own hair. Women with both short and long hair often do their own 'trims' and visit a salon only a couple times a year.

Using a hair mouse or gel helps smooth out any irregularities.

You might consider having a friend cut it, and you could do each others hair cuts.

If you don't care for the results, a good barber can fix just about anything. There won't be any permanent damage from a bad haircut, it's not like trying to color or perm you hair. *That* can sometimes turn out disasterous and can be impossible for hairdressers to correct.

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I like my hair cut in layers, I can't do that myself. But I do go a long time between professional haircuts, sometimes six months. A good haircut grows out gracefully,IMO.

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I cut my husband's hair. It's easy- #2 blade, trim around the ears and I'm done.

I don't cut my own hair. I do enough damage coloring it myself. I'm like Jannie though and get my hair cut about every 4 months or so. I usually start with my hairdresser the same way one would start confession "I'm sorry, it's been 4 months since my last haircut" LOL!

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I wear my hair longer. Every 4 months or so, I grab my husband and the scissors, and drag him into the bathroom to trim the ends for me. I literally have not been to a salon in over 25 years. Figure at $30 a cut (which is cheap around here), I've saved over $3000 so far.

'Mr. Bob' does a reasonable job of it--and being a frugal person himself, doesn't mind being conscripted. Also, I have this personal phobia of hairdressers (truly, I'd rather go to the gynocologist than to a hairdresser--have NEVER had a good experience with one in my life). So it works for me and my wallet.

Of course, no one can really tell you what you should do. But perhaps, if you have a stretch of time where you don't have anything too pressing coming up, you might give it a shot, and see what you think of the results. Start small, just a little moderate trimming, perhaps. Good luck.

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Maybe go buy a poodle clipper. They have various length combs that attach to cut hair different lengths. Sounds like if its all the same length, it be pretty simple.

Old springer spanial looked exactly the same after one of my cuttings as she did after giving the doggy salon $35 or so.

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I use clippers to cut my DH hair. I actually do a better job than anyone else. When he goes to a barber they always miss some hair. I do trim my daughters hair. Their hair always seems to come out uneven when we go to the salon. For myself I go to a salon. But only go two or three times a year. GOOD LUCK & remember it's only hair, if you mess up to bad it will grow back.

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I used to dye my brown hair light blond,using strong peroxide. I had my DH mix and apply the chemicals when I needed my roots done. That saved me $50 a month. (The coloring chemicals ran about $20). The hairdresser was charging me $70 a month just to do my roots,the same amount she charged when she did my whole-hair color change. By the way, the chemicals burned my scalp and I got scabs on my scalp, so I quit dying my hair all together. That has saved me oodles of cash.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Yes, I cut my own hair in between getting cuts. When the bangs grow out, I cut them. recently I even cut the back (or part of it) myself. I think it looks pretty good from the front anyway.


I color my own. I get a water based color from my stylist. It is $15, and I get 2 uses out of it, which lasts about 3 months total. It's 'not' Loreal, but I'm worth it.

DBF likes it too when I wash that gray right outta my hair.


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My daddy always said Anyone could cut hair as long as hair lasts. HEHE:)

I get the razor out an shave DH's head every couple of days.
Trim his beard about once a month with the clippers

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I used to go to a beauty shop for 15 yrs. and get charged $52.00, and finishing up in 2001 with $80.00, not including the tip, for a cut and highlighting.
When I stopped working (early retirement) I found out my friends beautician worked out of her home two days a week. Now I get my hair cut for $15.00. I color my own hair and recently started highlighting it. It's really easy.
I have tried cutting my own hair, but do not get the same results as my beautician. I do trim my bangs every 3 weeks.

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I have this penchant for chopping on my own hair. I just like it and actually think my skills have improved over the years. I remember years ago seeing a girl at college cut her own short style by using mirrors to do the back and it looked so good. I think that set me off on the, if she can, I can attitude. Plus, I have superfine hair that has been ruined soooooo many times by trained hairstylists. Once,it was burnt to the roots by being left under a heat device for perms too long when the stylist (who by the way has photos of his salons styles in magazines even today) forgot that I was still under the heat. I still sort of fear stylists!. It's good to have a professional cut if you have a trustworthy stylist, but I think there are probably a lot of us closet cutters.

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Guys, you will never know how much i admire you.
I tried cutting DH,S hair a couple of times and no there are some haircuts that a barber cannot help short of shaving it all off. No one in my family will let me anywhere near them with any kind of hair cutters and i tried hard to do well.

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Try a Flowbee. (Yes, I'm serious)

I got a Flowbee for Christmas this year. It's really easy to use, and there's no mess (the vacuum sucks up all the hair clippings). It's perfect for short male haircuts. It's a little harder to cut women's hair with it--but it's definitely doable. I've cut mine a couple of time so far, and it doesn't look bad at all.

Besides, it's just'll grow back ;)

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I have horrible hair, superfine and very straight, and I can't cut anybody's hair to save my soul. I need to have someone who knows what they're doing cut my hair, so I go to the local Aveda school. Great prices and no tipping. Haircuts are $15, perms $40, highlighting $35. This isn't as cheap as do it yourself, but I'v nearly wrecked my hair a couple of times with home perms or home coloring. Each service is less than half of what I paid in a salon. The students are closely supervised, and I think I've gotten better cuts than before when I paid $39 plus tip. Plus, they give you a back massage and a mini-facial included with the service. The only drawback is that if you want a Saturday appt., you have to call 3 months in advance.

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Timely thread.

I'm on a frugal kick and have beeen wondering about trying to cut my own hair. It is pretty fine and straight though like Sudiepv's, so not very forgiving.

Been cutting DH's hair for about a year. He used to pay a barber but always would then have me "fix" it when he came home. So we just bought some clippers and now I do it. Kind of a sweet, intimate time actually...

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I want a flowbee or robocut vacuum cutter thing. Somewhere out there I saw them at a most reasonable cheap price, but now I cant find them. Anyone see them somewhere under $50 anywhere post a link please.. thanks.

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Eeek, it's just not worth it in my opinion. I've chopped a bit here and there, but unless you have a buzz cut you probably won't get great results cutting it yourself.

I go to a great stylist who's apprenticing and a haircut costs me $15 (plus a nice tip because I think she deserves more than $15). A good haircut can carry your whole look, even if your clothes are from a thrift store. It makes a huge difference in the way people perceive you. Plus a good cut is easier to style, saving time and frustration not to mention styling products!

If you want to save money you might look for apprentices or schools that offer reduced or even free haircuts.

I don't do my own dental work and I don't cut my own hair! I think there are some things worth paying for, but you don't have to pay a fortune. :)

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I've been very pleased with the Flowbee -- been using it for about the last 10 years. Once you get used to working with mirrors, it's only about a ten minute operation. My bathroom mirror has 3 sections that tilt out so you don't need to hold anything in your hand besides the cutter.
I think I did see one advertised recently for around 40 or 50 dollars -- if I can locate the ad I'll post back.

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I have been cutting my own hair for over 3 1/2 years now. I was sick and tired of getting horrible haircuts - regardless of how many different hair cutters I went to. Then I got the worst haircut of my life - I looked like a skinhead when this idiot was done! It took over four months to grow out! I said that I was done letting other people ruin my hair over and over and over again!

I started cutting it myself and after a while, I got the hang of it. I have short hair and I layer it all the way around. It's really not that difficult at all. I use professional hair cutter scissors that are very sharp.

I also color my own hair. I have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars and I always like MY results!

I don't tell too many people that I cut my own hair because I don't care for the crazy looks I get!

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The Flowbees really are wonderful

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Check around among some friends.

If you've used my Christmas gift - send an email to the folks on the list.

Surely someone has a set of clippers with those attachments that hold the clipper a given distance away from the surface. Perhaps you could borrow it and try it.

Or maybe the friend would cut it for you - maybe even for free.

You might have to reciprocate - and if so, be sure to do a good job!

Practise on your kids, first. If they'll let you.

ole joyful

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I find every time I get a "professional" hair cut I end up disliking the cut.

When I cut it myself, I have no one but me to blame.

The worst part is the back of the head.

It also seems like it takes me forever, and I make a gigantic mess. But, it hasn't cost me a thing since I got the nice hair cutting scissors back in the 70's.


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I've been cutting my own hair since 1987! Of course, since I keep it a few inches past my shoulders, it 's not that noticible if I don't cut it perfectly. The shorter the hair, the more precise the cut needs to be. Having said that, my niece cuts my brother-in-law's hair & he's a professional man (NASA) who needs to look presentable. I think his hair always looks great, & my niece has no beauty school training whatsoever!

Like Tammorice suggested, a book & online resources may help.

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I just replied to the other hair thread, but I'll reply to this one too. My hairdresser always cuts my hair too short and I have started cutting the front myself. Then, when I go to her, she just evens it up and does the back.

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I've had my fiancee cut my hair for about a year now. I bought a nice set of clippers for a decent price that she uses. Her cuts started out a little sketchy, but over time have become pretty good.

Originally I had a friend that cuts hair for a living do mine when she came over. During the summer I keep my hair shorter due to riding the motorcycle and helmet hair, so I started to feel bad about always asking her to cut it up. She didn't mind, but I don't like taking advantage of people. That's when I started having my fiancee cut it, and utilize my friend if something special, like a wedding, comes up.

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Benn buzzing my own for 20 years. But if I was a lady and wanted to have anything other than a buzz cut I guess I'd have to pay. Or at least go to a man barber and pay to have a mans cut for $10 and wash and wear it short.

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