Shopping for small things on eBay resulted in some big savings

bry84September 28, 2006

I've recently discovered a lot of items like printer cartridges/toner, electric toothbrush heads, stationary and many other small items on eBay for far lower prices than anywhere else. Perhaps everyone has been buying them this way for years, but it was a new discovery for me and it's going to save me a good amount of money in the future.

Of course it's still good for bigger items too, I've picked up some excellent bargains over the past couple of weeks.

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I had an old Papermate ballpoint pen I really liked. I bought refills very cheap, like 20 for a dollar on Ebay.

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I'm always amazed at what I can find. I haven't thought about small stuff, because shipping to Alaska can add up. We don't have the outlet stores, so I frequently buy new winter gear for my kids, which is less expensive even with shipping, than buying it locally. It may be last year's colors, but pink is pretty much still pink.


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Watch the shipping costs, though. Some sellers have ridiculous shipping and handling charges in an attempt to pick up some extra profit. Make sure your purchase still is a deal after you amortize the cost of shipping over what you buy.

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The shipping can be steep. Sometimes more than the item. But generally it's reasonable and for small items within the country it's hardly significant.

Further still, don't be reluctant to pay more for shipping than the item costs, sometimes it still works out a good deal.

A while back I paid £1.70 for a pair of levis which are like new and hardly worn. I also paid £5 to post them. Still, a new pair of levis cost about £45, sometimes more.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I just bought some tape cartridges for my new (to me) Brother P-Touch labeler.

They retail anywhere from about $20 to $30 a piece, and I was able to get them 6 for $49.50, and that even included shipping.

I also bought some video games (some new and some used) very reasonable, even with the shipping. Kids don't care if they are new...they just want something new 'to them', or variety.


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I buy vacuum bags on eBay. The type I need are hard to find and the price is terrific, even with shipping. I also buy books, collectibles, Legos and a bunch of other things. If you're careful, there are definitely bargains to be had!

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You can get magazine subscriptions VERY cheaply on ebay. I recently got 4 years of Country Home (usually $19.97/yr) for $8.99. You can buy new subscriptions or renew your current ones. I have been doing this for about a year and the subscriptions never fail to come. Almost any magazine you could want is available. I will never subscribe or renew at the regular price again!

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