stoveguyySeptember 6, 2012

I see SAMs club has Levi 505 jeans for $20. Nice discount over dept stores. They were 25 in June. I got a few pair. That's fairly cheap for nice jeans.

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They are even cheaper at the local thrift stores.


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cavel thanks for the tip. I don't buy at thrift stores because of bedbugs. I also don't go to our libraries until they are sure they have gotten bedbugs killed there.

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I have found good deals on Levis.com. My son is short and stocky. We have only found 1 style of jeans that fit--Levis 550 size 9 husky. I can find them in size 8 or 10 at JC Penny's for over $30, but the 9's are always on clearance on the Levi website. They often have 30-40% off the whole site. Yesterday I got 2 pairs for a total of $24. The regular price is $40 a pair.

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Target sells a division of Levi jeans typically on sale for $20-$25. Looks and feel good.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

The Levi's sold at WM are not cut from the same cloth, so to speak, made from a lesser grade, thinner denim, less stitching, smaller rivets. I kind of think it's a moot point for ladies since I don't know anyone who doesn't exclusively want the softer, stretchy stuff anyway. But some guys (and gals) will only wear Levi's though, no doubt.

I just think they should get what they pay for. When paying less means getting less, are we really living better? (The linked article is not the one to which I was first exposed to the info, which I think was a documentary on TV, but it's well-written and came up when I was searching for support for the point I was making, so there are multiple sources.)

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good article, my feelings exactly.

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