tired of red in dining room help find another color

roarahJuly 9, 2012

I am tired of my red dining room but am having a hard time thinking about what color to paint instead. I do not like white or very light colors for reasons unknown. My hope is to just change the color of the walls and keep the black and white accent wallpaper in china cab and on cushions. The rest of the rooms on the floor all connect with double door ways so the new color should work with all my others in theory, I think. I am going to edit the room this week while my hoarder five year old is at camp, by filtering out alot of the nick nacks and some furniture. The adjoining colors are Seal Grey(glidden color mixed in bm) Grasscloth by behr, Tropical Dusk by BM and Quiet Moments by Bm. Any color ideas? Thanks.

This is a veiw of the china cab and window seat fabric. I have since raised the curtain rod so it does not look quite so odd.

One other idea we have is to keep a red and add vertical picture moldings painted white like the trim. Sorry I had trouble finding a good example of moldings going from skirt board to crown but this is sorta what I was planning.

I would also love to see pictures of dining rooms and suggested colors. I am at a loss with this room. I am thinking of starting from scratch but would love to save money and although I want to have a formal dining room feel it is used daily for family meals so using what I have while my family is still young is a comforting thought.

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I see a very nice rug under the table. Will that be staying? If so, could we see a photo of it? You might take some inspiration from its colors.

Also, what about the cushion over the radiator, the draperies and the fabric on the chairs? Do I see a green and white pattern? Or...?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Black and white are total neutrals, so any color will go....





all of them....

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deep gold is pretty in dining rooms and would look nice with your wood...

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Beautfiul room! My first thought was how pretty Wythe Blue would be in there, but I always look for an excuse to paint something Wythe Blue. A bolder color, also in the historical palette that I think could be marvelous, is Covington Blue.

As far as keeping the red (which is a VERY pretty color!)and adding mouldings, I don't think that would give you the impact and fresh change you're craving. How about keeping those gorgeous red walls & doing some different window treatments? Country Curtains has many options that would look amazing with your red.

That would give you a whole new look without going to the trouble of painting, and you could play up that awesome window seat with coordinating pillows, which would be fun. You can order up to 10 free swatches from CC per phone call, so you could check some fabrics out up close before ordering. Their quality is good and prices are reasonable. A change in fabric can breathe new life into a room!

That's what I'd do; and spice up your tablescaping with some fresh, colorful flowers and fruit and a pair of beautiful candlesticks.

Your dining room is quite terrific just the way it is, but I understand wanting a fresh take on a good thing.

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I didn't look up your other paint colors, so this idea might not work with them. I was thinking that you have a warm color now, so you might want to switch to a cool color for a change. I've linked a blue dining room that Sarah Richardson did. I think the color would look great with all of your white trim and black and white accents.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glidden Blue Door

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What color is the pattern on the seat cushions - hard to see, are they green? What colors are int he rug?

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The rug has reds,navy, olives and goldish tans in it. And the window seat and chairs are a black toile. I am not in love with the rug but it works well with the red and my living room rug but I am open to removing or switching it.
I love the blue in sarah's room and I never thought of golds I will look for some gold dining rooms on line and see if that moves me:)

SG I too love wythe blue and it is consideration but I maybe changing the entry hall to that in the near future:) but it is up there with my favs:)
Thank you everyone for helping!

Here is a better pic of the rug

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Interestingly, Sarah chose that blue I posted because the homeowner had a rug with colors very similar to yours in the adjacent living room and she wanted to tie the rooms together.
Usually, though, when a rug is in the room to be painted, a decorator trick is to pick one of the least dominant colors in the rug for the wall color which, in your case, could be gold, cream or I think I even might be seeing a sage green.

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I used Bungalow Gold in my last house in the DR with red accents. I used Bungalow Blue in the entry/hallway with Red accents and black and white pictures on the walls. I loved both colors.

Bungalow GOld

Ignore the mess. that is the best shot in daylight! There are more pics of the finished room in the album linked below.

This is Bungalow Blue (there are more pics in the album called foyer)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bungalow Gold DR

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I forgot to mention - if you are willing to move out the rug, I love Orange with black and white. Not sure how that would work with the color of your DR set, but here are a couple of pics...

This was an inspiration pic I saved...

And this is the DR I ended up painting Orange (Not to everyone;s taste I know! - both the picture layout and the color)...

Again excuse the mess. I dont seem to have any finished pics on line and we are now making the DR a storage area anyway :)

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I vote for a soft gold, not as dark as the Bungalow Gold (no offense) but more like the soft gold in your painting/tapestry...in the first picture. That would look nice with your art, your rug, your black and white wallpaper, your table and chairs and your floor, IMHO :)

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Take a look at BM's Abingdon Putty. At first glance it looks beige, but it has some gold and green tones and is lovely with white trim. I can't tell from my monitor whether it's similar to the pale greenish tone in your rug. We have a similar color (a custom mix of a discontinued color) in our living room and it's my favorite paint in the house. It changes depending on the light, but always looks soft without looking Blah!

Here's a link to a photo -- Abingdon Putty is the room through the doorway; this is not my house (though we also have Edgecomb gray, the color in the foreground room here)!

By the way, I searched for images to show you, and many rooms that pop up under Google Images are not Abingdon Putty. Those words must be elsewhere on the websites linked. One photo that someone copied and posted on a GW thread asking about Abingdon Putty is clearly not the right color. Very confusing (not just this paint color, but image search results in general).

Here is a link that might be useful: Abingdon Putty by BM

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Loving the blue! Of course, that is my favorite color. I always lean towards the cool colors. Had a gold kitchen for awhile and hated it. But that's just me.

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Here's a copied FengShu tips for painting the dining room:
EARTH/STOMACH/DINING ROOM - In Chinese medicine, the element earth is the stomach. The dining room is where we eat and digest food. The dining room is best in earthen tones of gold, terra cotta, or other soft yin colors. Red paint in a dining area is too stimulating and people eat too fast.
I was watching the Designer Challenge on HGTV (i know, but it was really hot out) and the designers were doing kitchens. One painted theirs blue but were told it was a bad color choice because blue kills appetites.
We have BM Blonde in our dining room (north facing). It looks good all at all times, and looks especially nice with our black/cream art work. Your dining room is very pretty.

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Boo, I think you are my deep color sister! I love saturated colors too! I love the blue with your black and white stairs! I also like your orange but it does not play well with my other rooms but I love it in your DR! Yummy!

Lazydaisynot, I like your putty but feel it is too pale for my home. I am looking into a few other putty greys tho:)

Anyone have a blue DR or kitchen? I think blue is meant to stiffle an appetite, which on an every day basis is fine but not when entertaining:)

LL I will look for light golds with the deep ones. I know lighter and airy is so popular but I seem to gravitate to deep, dark and moody colors for some reason:).

thankyou everyone!

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A vote to paint the walls in satin black -- and switch to a sisal rug (perhaps with a black border?)

Could you post a photo after you go through the room (as you mention above) and edit the contents? Maybe try looking at the room without the area rug?

Just some thoughts -- hope you don't mind!

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Thanks massagerocks. I think maybe that is where I too heard the blue taboo. I will look at BM blonde too. I think it is very well like on the forum!

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Teacats I have been tempted to paint it black but am afraid it might be too dark for the kids eating every meal in. We do not really have an eatin kitchen so this is our everyday room . Also the LR is a charcaol color and the kitchen has very dark cabs too. Do you think growing up always eating in a black and white room will damage the girls:).
I will edit and shop for some more refreshing candles and accessories and try the room with out the rug tomorrow and will post pics than:)

I took this pic to try and show the adjoining living room and sunroom colors but the LR looks lighter on my monitor than in real live.

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OOPs sorry about the double large pics have no idea how I did that...

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I love the blue dining room too. It is serene. I love the white trim with it. Of course I have a blue dining room and love it. I have a lot of wood in there and it works well with wood. There is nothing cold about it, nor does it stiffle anyone's appetite. It is all I can do to get company to move to the family room after dinner. Like any other room, how it is furnished dictates how your family and guests feel in the room.

If you go to the paint store and look at paint chips, what colors are you drawn to? Go to Houzz and search through the dining rooms. What rooms to you connect to? That is where I would start.

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I love the idea of black, but I don't think I would like if for the room the kids eat in every day either. How about a yellow or pink? They would both look great with black and white and might work better with your other colors.

I do have a blue kitchen. not as dark as above in my old house though. My new house is much darker in general and has dark trim so harder to do dark colors with (unless of course it was some old victorian, which sadly it is not ;) )

Most of my downstairs is painted blue exhale I think from BM.

I love the deep colors you have in your house! Can't wait to see what you come up with for this room. :)

Pink might work better with the rug.

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SInce you can change out the rug and you like blue (so do I) I would go with a deep blue color it will look great with the trim and the chair pads, you may need to switch out the rug for something lighter.

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Deep Navy Blue!

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How about BM Wedgewood Blue? It is like china blue.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wedgewood Blue (and Grey) on Houzz

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Annie Deighnaugh

You could keep the rug and go with a lighter shade of blue as there is blue in the rug.

The third from the left is BM jamestown blue which is really pretty and very different from the red, but will blend nicely with charcoal.

Here is a link that might be useful: picture source with color names

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I love Jamestown Blue too. Two more possible blues from the historic palette would be Buckland Blue, and the darker, moodier, Philipsburg Blue.

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I really like boopadaboo's dining room in orange. I guess it will go pretty well with the colour of the wooden furniture.

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Saw this room and thought of you. You could do the board and batten (easy) and leave just a section of red paint above if you don't want to get rid of your red completely.
(Scroll down till the review . . .)


Here is a link that might be useful: red/board and batten dining room

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Well I have about 100 color cards to look at now. I am leaning towards a blue at this point but have not yet narrowed them down to favorites yet. I worked today at filtering, moving and removing furniture. And am looking at CC's cutains too. I hope to narrow my choices down to a few by week's end and then do some large color boards to post for votes.
thanks for all the great advice!

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I have b;ue in my kitchen (my wall of tall cabinets surrounding my fridge) and in my dining room. Neither have kept folks from eating and eating well here. Blue is restful and calming - a good state to be in to enjoy company and a meal.

I recently had to repair some wall damage and thought about changing the color. We thought about a cocoa or a plum, but I went back to blue. We went to match the paint, but it came out different and had to be tweaked, so my new color is a little deeper and richer than the last. It isn't quite as dark as this photo makes it appear when the focus was on the chandelier. BTW, blue is a perfect compliment to silver, gold and crystal (even red) -- makes for a lovely table.

The blue seems a bit darker than it is because the focus was on our new fixture, but I think you can get the idea. A little darker than boop's. I like the gold too, but you will have to be careful with the yellow and gold tones in your wood floor.

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My DR was navy blue for many years. Just moved it across the hall but here is one pic..there are more in the album...it is now in the chocolate room. I too love the saturated colors !!

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OOh I love both of those blues. Lascatx, I am guessing yours is custom but do you know the orginal mix? And Trailrunner, I always love getting glimpses into your lovely home. Do you remember the color you used by any chance. I am more and more thinking a rich blue is for me!

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A friend has a dining room painted a blue somewhere between navy and royal. It's beautiful, and serves as a fine backdrop for all sorts of celebrations.

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roarah...thank you for the sweet comment !! It is a Martin Senour paint called Real Navy. It changes throughout the day and is a very rich color. I love it . It has been 10 yrs since we painted and it has never lost its charm. I sure hope you can find the color. It is on their old fan deck not on the individual cards. If you have trouble finding it let me know and I can go to the place where I bought it. I don't have any in a can anymore. But I sure will be glad to help you. c

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My first thought was deep gold, second...navy!!

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I would love to see a deep plum or eggplant color in that room. I think it would be more unexpected than red or navy. I don't have any pictures, but google and houzz do :-).

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We have a blue dining room, and I love it! This is an old photo, but it's a good representation of the color. It's Hatteras Gray by Porter Paints (but appears much more blue than gray to me). I think blue would work well with your rug, if you decide to keep it.

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I wish I could post a picture for you, but after putting up eight samples, we found the perfect saturated blue/green/gray color for our dining room. It is SO beautiful. It changes depending on the light, and looks stunning with our mid-tone wood furniture.

The color is Sherwin Williams Underseas. I found a picture to show you that is close to how the color appears in our house. See below.

I never loved saturated tones until we bought this house. It's a 1920's bungalow with English and Colonial influences, and for some reason, it just seems to cry out for saturated tones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sherwin Williams Underseas

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Oops. I forgot to say that the color in our dining room is bluer than the picture. And if you check out a paint chip, don't be alarmed. The paint chip looks like a dab of nothing. But get enough of a paint sample on the wall and you may fall in love.

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roarah, since it's your family's primary eating area, I vote gold (SW Saffron?). Gold seems warm and welcoming, whereas blue strikes me as a little more formal. It can be striking, though.

boopadoo, I want an orange room! Actually, I think one of my family members has a rather orange living room. Maybe in my next house.

Here is a link that might be useful: But since you're considering blue...Girlville's dining room - BM North Sea

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Ooh more beautiful colors suggestions and another stunning dining room, Hoosiergirl! I have eliminated lots of colors but am not in love with a sample yet.
I so far like in the blues mysteria and blue fox, both by behr, the best with my other colors. Mysteria is a dark greyish blue and blue fox might be a little to pale.

I picked a few yellows that I was dawn to also. So far I like mojito by behr which shock me cause it is bit mild.

I am off to the SW store and BM carrier now to grab more brand colors. I am liking my new arrangement much better. Seems more open and peaceful already. I like plum, my neice has a beautiful plum DR that I love so I will grab some plums too.

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After we painted, we found the original paint can, but I gave it away since it no longer matched. It was a Berh paint, but it may or may not have been a Berh color -- it was painted nearly 10 years ago. Sorry.

Now, I do have the BM can with the "custom" paint. I am not sure the label is accurate. There was one point where it went too purple, but for Regal Select Matte, it says one gallon is

W1 4x 3.5000
M1 0x 23.5000
B1 4x 20.2500
O1 2x 16.2500

Looking at the BM colors online, it looks like it would be most similar to Admiral Blue or Midnight Navy, but not quite either. The earlier color was similar to Oxford Grey, but maybe a bit deeper and a bit more blue (it looks different online than on the card I have).

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