cleaning bird droppings off new concrete drive

sunnyinwiscJuly 6, 2008

My driveway was poured a little over a week ago and I am wanting to clean it and seal it. I tried to wash away the droppings daily but it's berry season here and they have my new drive and walk so stained up. My power washer didnt faze it and I was wondering what to use? Bleach? TSP?

What is safe for new concrete?

Thanks in advance!


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So your problem is actually berry stains, not bird droppings (which do come off with water)?

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Hi, My problem is the birds are eating the berries and sitting in my birch tree and blasting my new drive and walk. I dont even have any berries in my yard! Its quite a mess and I want to clean it before I seal it. Its newly poured and probably very pourous?

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i assume the sealer is clear? if it is not clear, then it don't really matter as long as your get the stuff off the surface as best you can.

does your pressure washer have soap injection? if so then some dish soap and HOT water should do it.

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Yes the sealer is clear, and non-yellowing. The stains have faded to a brown stain, and I am going to hit it again with bleach and the pressure washer.
Thanks for your advice!

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