Door Latch not dropping back down.

gtrshopJuly 8, 2013

This is probably a very simple thing to fix. The simplicity is what I'm totally missing.

(not so )Short preamble story...

At the girlfriends house, she has a 3 season screened room that has a screen door (wooden cottage type) that is used to let the dogs out. This weekend I installed a door closer, since the kids can't remember to do that. The closer works fine, but we added a gate type latch (Almost exactly like this one I installed a short wire through the wall to lift the latch from the inside. And for the most part this works ok but it's finicky. The latching part is supposed to drop and catch the portion that's connected to the door to hold it closed, but often it's not falling. I am not sure what else to do to cause it to do so, it's as if it doesn't have enough weight to fall forward. The wire I used is a piece of light coat hanger wire, and there is no resistance through the hole in the wall (surprisingly). In theory it should all work great, but it doesn't. The thought was at first to use a string instead of wire, but the string and a washer on the end would probably weigh more that the piece of coat hanger wire.

I think I am over-thinking this. Everything moved freely. How to add more weight to the latching hook is where I am? The latch was only $4.00 so Maybe I need a different, better one?

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I suspect your "door closer" is not pulling the door in far enough or fast enough. The back part of the latch mechanism is pushed by the bar mounted to the door and forces the latch over the bar to catch it. (The same way when you pull the latch to open it the mechanism "pushes" the bar out of the latch.) By design it does not work on gravity alone.

Also hit it with some light weight lubricating oil inc ase there is friction in the latch.

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Go back to the string and washer, use nylon or another synthetic, make sure the hole is smooth. If you are concerned about the weight, add a couple washers at the latch end.

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