School and 9/11

Stephanie_in_TNSeptember 9, 2002

Does everyone have school this Wednesday? I thought maybe they would observe the day and close school. Nope, not happening here. Which I have mixed feelings about. How are your schools honoring the date?

The students at DS#1's elementary school will observe a moment of silence and the students are asked to wear red, white and blue.

Across the street at the primary school, DS#2's kindergarten will also wear RWB and they will walk to the fire station (on the same block) and recite the Pledge of Allegiance with the firefighters. (If I could go, I'd just be a mess of tears at that sight!) DS can't wait, he's so tickled with himself for having learned the Pledge.

The preschoolers in our MOMS Club will meet to decorate cookies and deliver them to the firefighters. Terrorism goes over their heads (thankfully) but they can thank a firefighter.

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This is what is happening at my kids' school:

September 11 Remembrance: At 1:00 p.m. on 9/11/02 the school will recite the Pledge of Allegiance, have a moment of silence, and hear "America the Beautiful." Call the school guidance counselor to locate free resources for helping parents and children cope with feelings about terrorism.

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You know, I went to the thrift store today just to see if I could pick up some American Flag shirts for my boys to wear Wed. I was expecting a note sent home today about any special services or events, but so far nothing! I sincerely hope that they will recognize this important anniversary, the kids need to deal with their feeling about it because it affected their country so deeply! I'm sending my boys in their Flag shirts, weather or not they have an offical recognition. (Their "old" flag shirts were too yucky!!) :)

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A low key classroom observance is what my kids' schools are doing as well. They are also being encouraged to do something that helps others this week. I think that is a good way to go. Although 9/11 affected our country greatly, our response to it was a greatter effect. For my children anyway, I don't think they are in need to "deal with their feelings" much more. They already have done that. That said, we don't live in NYC or DC, no one on any of the planes came from our city, Mom doesn't work for an airline, Dad is now retired from the military. Children who aren't so lucky in those types of aspects would be expected to need to work things out for a longer period of time.

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My DD's preschool is not going to directly discuss 9/11. They are still a bit young. Instead, they are having USA Spirit Day. They want everyone to wear their patriotic colors, and they are going to study patriotic themes.

I think it's a great idea!

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I recently had a conversation with my brother about how we should observe September 11th and if should be considered a "national holiday"

My point was that it should be a day of observance, like Memorial Day or Veterans Day, because we are not only remembering those we lost, but celebrating our unity and resilience as a nation.

His point is that it should not be a day of observance because he feels too many people would eventually lose sight of the importance of the day and turn it into a day of indian summer b-b-q's and celebration.

No matter what happens, I think it should be acknowledged in schools as it is part of our history and changed our nation. I really like the idea of "USA Spirit Week" because I think it includes both remembering and celebrating.

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Our local school has special observances each day of this week. They decided to use the whole week in commerating the 9-ll-200l events.

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Heather, I agree w/your brother. I am as horrified as anyone else about what happened last year, but I think the media has just turned it into a media event. My sons' school had a moment of silence. At my work, we had a moment of silence. That was appropriate, but turning it into a "national holiday" would just cheapen what happened. If you look on some calendars, Pearl Harbor Day is noted - but it's not a "national holiday". Everyone who lived through WWII probably pauses to remember Pearl Harbor, but they don't have picnics or days off work. I hope the term "Patriots Day" sticks and that 50 years from now, calendars note Sept 11 as Patriots Day but not that it's turned into an official Federal/Bank holiday, because then retailers would hold Patriots Day sales, etc. and the meaning would be lost.

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The 9/11 goal was to destroy the economy and to kill and intimidate us. Therefore, the best revenge is to renew our patriotic spirit as a nation, which we are doing, and to get back to business and be the healthy, strong economic leader of the world. The best revenge is for us to be successful. Therefore, I do not support a holiday and reduction in the number of days of commerce or productivity. I also do not want to celebrate their successful attack against us. I just want us to grow stronger every day, for people to get their jobs back, for the economy to heal, for the belt tightening to be over.

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My son's school did have a Moment of Memory out in front of the building, with the flag half staf. I was glad! I believe that we should all remember, and honor in our own ways, it should be personal, maybe communities planning services and prayers, but not a National Holiday. I just think that in this day & age the media profits too much off of others tradegies, and keeping the memories and honor of 9-11 can be better served on a small scale. My opinion!:)

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Children should not miss school due to a terrorist attack. That's rediculous. The last thing we need to do is elevate these attacks to the level of a national holiday. This is not something to celebrate. It's something to teach about, and learn from. We should be devoting our energy to planning ways to avoid problems like this in the future, not lamenting over them from the past. National catastrophes are not grounds for a national holiday.

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Well said, Squishy

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