Sharing Frugal Wishlists with Friends

mid_tn_mamaSeptember 23, 2003

I like to help my friends who are looking for particular items. They let me know something they are looking for at a good price or better yet, free and I'll keep my eyes open.

I also keep a list of things people regularly throw away that I am looking for. These are things that make life easier on the farm or in the garden--but not things I'd like to waste money on.

My list includes things like broken clay pots to put in the garden for toads and frogs (to eat the bad pests so I don't have to use pesticides). The pumpkins my friends use for decoration I save for seed, use for freezing pumpkin that I use throughout the year, and if they are rotting-- go to the chickens. Newman's own jars can be used for canning by me. Old sheets can be used in the garden for extending the garden after frost and to protect rows in the garden from pests. I'm always on the lookout for bagged leaves and grass for my compost. Old buckets with holes are still wonderful for hauling produce or carrying scraps to the animals. Old lightbulbs can be painted for Christmas tree ornaments, old baskets (if they are really bad can be painted) are used for gift baskets that I fill with homemade goodies. Extra measuring cups and spoons I use in every cannister--saves time when cooking. I'm always on the lookout for seeds and bulbs that are being shared. I always share whatever bounty I have with others...

What is on your list? Do you share your list? Do you save things for someone?

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Well my girlfriend and I haunt thrift stores and we generally keep an eye out for things for each other.....last find was a mug warmer she wanted for by the computer to keep her coffee hot. Found one for a dollar for her....she has picked up sewing supplies and novels for me at great prices .....we just keep an eye out for things. She will pick up an interesting item (say a stainless steel basket) and show me and we will decide what to use it for....last one went into the bathroom to hold shampoos etc. on a shelf. We can usually find something and do something with the item between us brainstorming. I think frugal wishlists are great....we exchange frugal gifts at birthdays and christmas.....neither of us mind in the least if something was previously owned.

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I do this with one really good friend and family. My friend would never, ever pick up anything at the curb, but she gives me all her magazines when she is done with them, and I in turn pass them on to a person, who passes them on, who passes them on. I always need "poop bags" and my friend saves those for me, she also saves torn pantyhose for me to use in the garden, as a home made Swiffer kinda thing, and for straining paint, since I'm always redoing something I found. I have passed on great stuff found at the curb, including two beautiful tricycles, a beautiful, intact, white wicker desk, rocking chairs, etc. I have called people I knew were in need when I saw stuff too heavy for me to get alone, one time a baby changing table, swing, crib, etc. all in perfect shape. Why people don't call the Salvation Army or something is beyond me, but good for me too.

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A couple of friends have just purchased new homes, and I've been providing surplus houseplants. Also I'm going to make some cuttings of outdoor plants for them. We don't throw anything away if it's not broken. We ask if anyone we know needs it first, if not it goes to Salvation Army or thrift store. For large pieces that cannot be saved, my friend has a bonfire party. We've burned sofas, chairs, and a piano (after salvaging the hinges and real ivory keys and everything else we could pry off).

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Meghane I too ask around to see if anyone needs anything I sometimes bring stuff to work, often one of the plant workers needs something; sometimes it's stuff that can be used at work, like extra chairs for the lunchroom, etc.

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