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christians1September 17, 2007


what is a good credit score? is mid 600's good? Is there a chart. Also, what is the best way to boost your score?


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I think your on the line for "fair" and "good."

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The 600's are not that impressive, on a scale of 850.

Your credit card accounts for 25% of your credit rating, so always pay on time and pay the whole thing if possible or more than they require. (If they want $80, pay $100.)Also don't run up too much on cc's and never, never be late. Not paying on time can cause the interest rate to go up, not only on that card but others as well. It's kind of ironic that people with good credit and lots of income get the best rates, but that's life.

Keep out of debt - easy to say, hard to do, Small debts that are paid off promptly will help boost your score. Most of all, check your credit record periodically- mistakes are often made that will bring down your score. If you find a mistake, write to the reporting company.

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Over 720 is considered good.
675 is average but varies by state.
Here's a site with state averages:

You should get a copy of your credit report annually (from a totally free site) to make sure everything on it is correct. Obviously, you should pay bills on time too.

Here's a site with some more tips for improving your credit history.

Here is a link that might be useful: E-bay guide to credit

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