Need HELP on 5th grade project

sleeplessSeptember 14, 2003

My son has a "passion project" that he has to complete this year. He wants to do it on License Plates. Is there any outlet that license plates from each state can be bought? Once again, I'm flustered at the start of the school year. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I just did a quick google search on this & found a company that sells novelty plates. A whooping $23.95 per plate, plus shipping. I'd check ebay for real plates.

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There is a website that shows all 50 license plates, you click on a state (then they have designs from different years), and you type your name and they show you the license plate with your name on it. He could print them off and make a display. I don't know the name of it though.

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I have been collecting them for years. They can be really expensive, and then shipping is expensive as well. I second the idea of printing off examples of each state, unless you have a LOT of money to spend (At east 200 bucks, I would guess, plus shipping, and they are quite heavy and would be hard to lug into school for that reason as well), or can scrounge up 50 of your home state's plates and offer them for trade somehow (still shipping costs would be high, times 49) with kids in other areas. just a thought. But it's not like the old days when each state had one main kind of plate, one usual set of colors, etc. There are SO many variations for each state, it is amazing. Maybe a study of what color combos are the most popular and why.... Hmmmm. We have used them to make borders around the top, middle, and soon we will do the bottom of my sons' room. It is very cool looking. We are waiting until our youngest is older to do the bottom. Some are sharp, all are heavy. They are not baby-friendly so we have to keep them out of reach. Maybe your son could study the evolution of the license plate or something.... If you are determined to get one from every state in a hurry, your cheapest option would be to buy them all at once from some old collector, but you would still be talking a lot of $$ and I am not sure that that would be very educational, versus buying them or finding them one at a time, on trips and such.

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