college ride board (or the transporation blues)

pompeiiSeptember 30, 2007

My son's college does not have an online ride sharing board that I can find. He goes to Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY and needs to travel to OHio for breaks. Cornell University has a ride-sharing website, but their breaks don't line up so that won't be of much use to him. All of the friends he's made so far at college come from the east, not west, so he can't share rides with them.

Does anyone know of an online ride board? Or by chance is there anyone who has an Ithaca College student who would want to share transportation to points west? (I hope this is an appropriate topic for this forum; I've been on the Kitchens forum forever, but this is my first time here.)

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Have him check around his campus, too. Sometimes there's a bulletin board (you know...the old fashioned way!) where kids post ride-shares. I've seen them at several campuses (including NAU Flagstaff). My daughter's college is so small that they all know each other and hometown/home state, but even they have a small bulletin board for that. The college/university may even have one just for students online.

Mom of two college kids (and one's in MO!)

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