Help! Bedroom saga continues

Holly- KayJuly 20, 2014

So the easy part of my bedroom is finished and after a brief hiatus I am ready to start the rest, which I dread.

The master bedroom is small (16x14) and I have never minded because I don't spend many waking hours there. It does cause the decorating to be a challenge to say the least.

When walking into the bedroom there is a half wall that creates an entry into the bedroom and also creates the alcove where the head of the bed is. I love the cozy feel the alcove gives the room.

The wall opposite the bed wall is now my focus. There is one window on that wall but I have a lot crammed into that space. I have a large clothes press diagonally in the corner, an antique sewing machine cabinet, my DM's fireside chair and a tall chest of drawers.

I know I should eliminate the chair, the sewing cabinet or both but I don't want to part with either so I am hoping that you all will work your magic and give me suggestions on a different layout. The change on this wall will only include curtains and shutters or other window treatments and re-arranging the furniture.

If you have read to this point I would love suggestions on window treatments and the arrangement of furniture. I will post pictures that I hope will help all of you to see the challenges of this small room.

First pic is the bed wall that is finished except to add a few pillows to the bed.

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Holly- Kay

This pic shows the cramped area I am working with.

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Holly- Kay

This is the other half of that wall.

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Holly- Kay

This is the wall that adjoins the cramped wall.

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What is on the wall to the right of the last photo? What are the wall measurements from the windows to the corners? Is one side wider than the other? It looks like the window is centered and the walls to the corners are the same. It looks like the chair need to be removed, it's over large for the space. Wonderful room, by the way!

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If there was another post on your bedroom, I missed it. Just want to say your bedroom is lovely. Love the mirrors behind your lamps, the plates above your bed, your fabrics & the bed is beautiful.
I'm guessing sliding the dresser over to give the chair more room will interfere with the door? I can see why you want to keep that pretty chair & sewing table.
Sorry, I'm not much help.

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Holly- Kay

Thanks Romy. Yes I can't scoot the chair over because it interferes with the squeeze-in closet.

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I would say the something's gotta give on that wall...removing one of the pieces will do it. Can you put the tv in the armoire and find another spot in the house for the sewing table? That would be my first choice..I I like having a chair in the bedroom and it also breaks up all the wood.

For WT I would pick up that blue in your bedspread and do simple panels.

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Yes, I would remove the sewing cabinet. (But I am not fond of those old sewing machine cabinets). Put the TV on top of the chest of drawers or in the armoire. The sewing cabinet looks cluttered with all of the things on it and below it.

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What is a clothes press? Will it not fit flat against the wall? Could you put it in an adjacent hallway? Or switch the two tall cabinets since the wall on the right is bigger--bigger cabinet on bigger wall.

I would probably do some sort of simple shade to not take up much of your wall space, but I'd like a little pattern on the wall with all the case pieces.

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I love the plates above your beds holly- Kay! And I strongly second the suggestion above to pick up the blue in your coverlet for curtains.

As to layout, I would do the following:

1. Put the large clothes press on the wall opposite the bed to the right of the window.
2. Put the highboy on the left wall next to that window, and o
3. Put the sewing machine and chair to the left of the window opposite the bed.

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Holly- Kay

Actually I wouldn't need the tv. I wouldn't want to take up space in the armoire (clothes press) for a tv I never use. I just like having it there in case DH or I ever get ill and stay in bed but it would be simple enough to stow it and bring it out if it is ever needed.

Carolssis, to the right is the sewing cabinet, the chair, and tall chest. The corner to window dimension is 5'4" in both directions.

May the clothes press is the armoire and it is huge, it would be too large for anything but the widest of hallways. I don't recall why I decided to put the armoire on the diagonal but I don't think placing it flat against the wall would give me more space but I could be wrong. If I place it flat against do you think I should place it on the cramped wall or the adjacent window wall?

I could remove the tv and perhaps place the sewing cabinet in our foyer or stow it in one of the downstairs unused bedrooms. I would love to give it to one of our DDs but DH wants to keep it.

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Holly- Kay

KSWL, thank you for the suggestions. Now I need to convince DH and DSIL to become my moving men!

I do love the blue in my coverlet. I was going to go custom for drapes because the thought of hanging them properly makes my stomach churn but I read a blog that convinced me custom may be overpriced if I go with a solid panel.

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Yes, put it on the bigger wall. KSWL had the same suggestion. I like her idea of placing the highboy on the left wall so your window isn't being flanked by two tall cabinets. At least that's what I think she suggested. Hard to keep all the walls and windows straight!

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