PowerPoint for E-learning

abelzSeptember 1, 2006

I just saw something interesting about PowerPoint for E-learning in a report by Brandon Hall Research. The report says that PowerPoint has become a popular e-learning content development tool. The effectiveness and easy ¨Cto- use of PowerPoint together with third party tools seems to make the idea to develop e-learning with PowerPoint work.

There are many types of third party tools compatible with PowerPoint. One of them is a conversion application to convert PowerPoint to flash. Why? PowerPoint is a great presentation tool but not a premier e-learning tool. Flash is web-friendly and can be used as a e-learning development tool. However, flash is not so easy to use as PowerPoint. It asks for technical skills and programming knowledge. The way to take full advantages of both of them is using a PPT2Flash conversion application.

This kind of conversion software usually work as a plug-in in PowerPoint sometimes as a standalone application .

You import a PowerPoint presentation or create a new one in PowerPoint. Launch the plug-in and you can record narration, insert flash, import audio or make some publish settings. These features help to enhance the interactivity of the original presentation and fix some drawbacks of PowerPoint.

Finally, convert and publish the presentation to web for LMS£¨Learning Management System£©

This is the way I know how to create an e-learning course. And I truly believe there are some other approaches. Hope to learn it from you.

Plus, if my article fails to bring the necessary details you need(i can not paste some screenshots in this thread), you can go to




to learn more about a PPT2Flash conversion software then try it yourself. Practice works better than theory, I think.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional

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