Nel Noddings

FlowergirlDeb2September 21, 2002

Has anyone ever heard of Professor Nel Noddings, and if so, what do you think of her educational philosophies???

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This may help. I am just finding out about her.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Gardenboy, I should have known that you would find that particular article!:) :) I just completed a paper on her educational philosophy, and I have to say that I think she is one smart lady!! I am reading one of her books also. The main theme of her educational philosophy is "CARING." I found her to have such realistic and often simplistic views of what our classrooms should be to better our children's educational experiences. We can teach with a CARING theme in every academic subject. Professor Noddings also believes that schools have failed at keeping up with the changes in society, by not addressing vital issues that effect children of all ages everyday. Example, poverty. Even if a child isn't living in poverty, learning to care about others and to respect one another as capeable human beings can be transferred into classroom learning. So can ethnic differences, religious beliefs, gender roles and inequities, cultural differences....the list goes on!! I hope that you, and anyone else who looks her up or knows of her likes what they find! I will post some links tomorrow as I don't have my list here with me with the info. I need! :)

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I appreciate you sharing your findings and letting me know about this lady. Please continue doing what you are doing. I just have a love for children and people helping others. I really appreciate good teachers and good parents.

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Thanks Gardenboy!:)

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