Layout with Barker cabinets, need advice please

suburbanjulsMay 3, 2013

So here goes,

It seems weird that I almost feel like I'm baring myself, but I need validation as well as honest scrutiny for my design before I place my order with Barker. I have been planning this kitchen for 18+ months and everyone I know has heard so much, I am at the point where I need to talk to strangers online!

I have a cookie cutter suburban house with a small kitchen. My goal is to make zones to accommodate multiple people and kids, vastly improving storage and function as well as incorporating casual seating for at least four.

Here is what I'm working with

What I plan to do is remove the slider and make an out swing door, creating room for a 'self help' area on the short wall that will have wine fridge, micro, snacks, etc.

I will be building in a bench with two cabinets on either side for storage. I will use a 4' round table with this bench for casual eating.

I currently don't have any pantry, except for the skinny 12" beside the fridge. This will become a pull out which will be better than reach in, but I should also be able to use more uppers for food than currently due to increased cabinet space.

Any thoughts, advice or critiques are welcome, thanks!

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Here's one thing that pops out as a concern: I am worried about the fridge door being next to the oven. If the fridge door is opened too far, you will hit the oven handle and dent the door. If the oven is open, even worse.
However, it looks like you have this arrangement now, right? If so, how does it work for you now?

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Edited because on second look, my suggestion is not useful. Sorry!

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Thanks for the insight Angie,

Right now the fridge is next to the oven and I have never noticed the fridge door hitting the oven before. Of course I just now opened and closed it a bunch just to see. It does touch a bit. I have a french door where the right door has a flap that overlaps the left door which creates resistance if you were to open just the left side. I plan to do the recessed inset install on the oven which will give even more clearance.

Now speaking of appliances bumping into appliances, I currently have a problem with not being able to open the dishwasher if the refrigerator is already open. A problem at every meal, but in the new setup the dishwasher will be over a few more inches so that won't happen.

As far as food storage goes, will I miss not having a pantry even though I never had one? I have toyed with the idea of leaving the patio slider as is and building a tall 15" deep pantry on that short wall. One problem with that is that the patio door opens from the corner and is not reversible. Even if I dealt with that, I would still have to move the wine fridge and microwave. I like the idea of a self serve zone but am open to it being elsewhere of it makes more sense.

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no comment on your layout as I am not really an expert, but i also ordered barker cabinets for my kitchen. one thing i noticed is that you have a couple of blind corner cabinets. you might want to check on the dimensions offered on the barker website for those because i do recall there were a few sizing constraints there with a required filler.. HTH!

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Hmm, I currently have blind corners but they will be banished in the new kitchen. Does that not translate in the drawing? I will have bifold doors on my upper and lower corner cabs only. I really wanted corner drawers, and had a hard time trying to cobble it together with Barker and the Blum parts.
So in an effort to just get on with it, I think I will use Korner King units in the lower and an extra shelf in the upper to aid in storage. I have made sure all cabinets on the drawings are indeed made by Barker.

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