Roofer recommendations - Rockville,MD area and other qns..

greenfingernailJuly 26, 2010

Hi -

Looks like the 2010 winter snow and yesterday's storm has taken a toll on our 22yr-old roof which has begun a leak.


AAA) We were looking for a local Rockville/Montgomery county area roofer - any recommendations would be welcome.

BBB) Not sure whether we should locate the leak, patch and correct or go for a new roof.

CCC) If new, not sure whether solar's still too early/experimental to try - whether there may be tax/other incentives that will make it worth it..

And finally (!!)

DDD) Not sure whether insurance will pick up any of the tab...

What do y'all think??

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With a 22 y.o. roof, tear it off and replace it.
Ask neighbors for references; get two or three bids.
I doubt insurance would cover much, if any of it.
What type of solar system are you wondering about? Some are experimental while others have been around a while.
Ask the contractor about tax advantages for the various products.

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We used Marshall Roofing, Very good company and they are also going to do my parents roof. They were quick and very straight forward with everything. You will get a typed written estimate, before they leave. Also, they don't hesitate to tell you if you don't need a new roof, they said my parents can go another 3-5 years before it needs to be replaced.

If you have any questions, let me know.

I am not affiliated with them, just a very happy customer.

Ps I live in g'burg...


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